We’ve Got a Bleeder!

You might recognize the line from “There’s Something About Mary.”  The good news is that this has nothing to do with getting the beans above the frank, but is instead about my nose.  This morning when I got up to use the bathroom, my nose started bleeding.  This is perfectly normal for me in winter months, even without ALL.  Usually I sleep with a humidifier by my bed and have very little trouble.  With the chemo starting, and my platelets getting lower, once the nosebleed starts, it’s harder to stop.

I held pressure on and off for probably a good 30 minutes.  I also received a Thrombin spray in my nose.  Afterwards I read the packaging and now see it is called Thrombin, Topical (Bovine Origin). The Bovine part seemed a little weird at first, but I’ve put plenty of cow in my mouth over the years so I guess a little in the nose won’t hurt.
Thankfully the bleeding eventually stopped and I inadvertently was able to spit out the clot as it slid down the back of my throat so I’m able to breathe through open nostrils. They may infuse platelets today as they want me to stay above 10,000 and as of this morning I am at 13,000.  I will have multiple transfusions over the course of my stays, so this is perfectly normal.
Bag 2 of chemo is done and aside from the nose bleed I am still doing well.  I can sense another side effect starting, but I’ll save that for post “#2”.

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