I was working on a few things last night and forgot to update my journal.  Through the magic of the internet, I’ll make this update look like it occurred on Tuesday night.

For Those of You Keeping Track at Home
Clocks of Assurance has unfortunately been discontinued due to Budget Cuts of Assurance.  I really don’t want to be here in 2013, but I’m beginning to think it will take a new year to get this clock working.  I mean, what harm could possibly come from someone thinking it was an hour later.  Oh ya, lots.
For a Specific Person
With everything that goes into tracking chemo and other things up here, I’m sure glad Hill Rom doesn’t make Oncology software.
An Epic Compliment for Us
You’ll probably have to work with me to understand this one.  Everyone here asks what I do, and although I flinch a bit when I tell them, they are all very positive.  I actually heard something really good yesterday.  My nurse also works at St. Francis and she said she much prefers documenting in our system to their system.  Way to go Clin Doc Redesign!
And the Powerball is
WBC – 0.4
Hemoglobin – 6.8
Platelets – 12
I did receive some packed red blood cells.  No reactions.  Hopefully my numbers jump a bit.
Michelle is the Reigning Mankala Champ
I mentioned my sister and I used to play mankala a lot.  She visited today and we played again. Much to my chagrin, she won the last game before she left, making her the reigning champ.  Of course I won the four games before that, but who’s keeping track.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father, thank you for skilled care and uneventful days.  Thank you for family and friends.  Thank you for perspective.  Please be with those who need you.  Please be with those I read about during the day who are going through so much.  Please be with me and kill my cancer.  Thank you for another day.  Amen

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