Night Y’all

Short update, cuz I’m tired.

A Roster Spot Opens Up
You may have seen in the news today that Coach Pagano is still in remission and has been cleared from all restrictions by his doctor., Larry Cripe.  So with Coach Pagano moving on, who will take the roster spot on Dr. Larry Cripe’s cancer fighting team?  Why me of course.  Actually, I’ve know since my admission that I would be a patient of Dr. Cripe’s post discharge.  He specializes in Leukemia, so it’s a natural fit.  I actually met Dr. Cripe years ago when I first started working at Clarian.  Didn’t think our paths would cross again this way, but I’m glad to have him on my side.
And the PowerBall is…
WBC – 0.4
Hemoglobin – 6.8 (I got blood today)
Platelets – 20
ANC – Still Stubbornly Absent
No issues with getting packed red blood cells today.  I’m hopeful my hemoglobin gets a nice bump and stays up there for a bit.  I know the blood supply is safe, but it’s still weird seeing the stuff go in, rather than going out.
Today’s one at a time gift was a spiderman activity pad.  It has some word searches, puzzles, and other things in it.  Also a big thank you to the NP’s that Lindsey works with.  They pitched in and got us some gift cards.  They’ll help out a bunch!
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father, than you for keeping me connected to my friends and family.  Thank you for facetime and facebook.  I can’t imagine what it was like even just 5 years ago to be in a hospital room for so long.  Thank you for so much support.  Please keep everyone safe in the snow.  Please be with those that are traveling for Christmas.  And let everyone realize the gift you have given in the birth of Jesus.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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