Waiting on D-Day

At this point, I’m just waiting on my ANC to go up a little bit more before I’m discharged.

Hair We Go
I’m not bald yet, but I kind of wonder if I’m missing patches of hair on my head and I just can’t see that in the mirror.  I imagined if I washed my hair long enough, it would all come out.  For now I just empty the drain in the sink a few times while I shampoo so it doesn’t clog up and drown me.
Lint Roller
The other hair that is coming out is my beard.  I sometimes will grab my beard between my thumb and index finger and just pull.  The hairs come right out.  I was thinking I need a lint roller that I could just roll around my face and get all the hair off at once.  Might need a few sheets of roller tape for that.
And the Powerball is…
The numbers are trending in the right direction.  I just need my ANC to trend a little faster.
WBC – 0.6
Hemoglobin – 8.2
Platelets – 96
ANC – 0.2
Look to Your Left.  No, Your Other Left
I had my ophthalmology consult yesterday.  They brought a suitcase of stuff to test my eyes out.  While I didn’t have to play the fun game of “which is clearer, lense A or lense B” they did make me look up, down, left, and right.  He also threw in some Up and Lefts, down and rights, etc.  I think I did ok.  The diagnosis is pre-retinal hematoma (or something like that) in both eyes.  Basically because of my low platelets my eye bled some and the blood is still trapped in there.  It should clear up over the next week or so, and my eyesight will return to normal.
Look Into My Eyes
After my diagnosis was made, I became slightly popular with the residents.  A few took turns coming in to look at my eye so they could see what a pre-retinal hematoma looks like.  I guess they haven’t heard of Dr. Google, because he has plenty of pictures of that kind of stuff.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father God, tonight I pray that you be with my family.  Help Lindsey to feel better and be able to function.  Be with my children and protect them from the flu.  Keep them all safe in my absence and help us all to be able to see each other soon.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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