Hanging In There

Still no bad side effects, and even though I’m tired, I’m holding my own.

Breaking Tradition
I guess I’m still getting used to the new me.  I haven’t had anything but stubble on my head for weeks now, yet I found myself still using shampoo.  The other night it finally dawned on me that I wasn’t really shampooing anything of consequence.  Seeing as I’ve never really been bald before, I’m not sure of the protocol.  For now I’m just soaping up my wash cloth and cleaning my head that way.  Maybe I’ll see if there’s some head soap or something I’m supposed to be using.
Hi Ho Hi Ho, It’s Work from Home I Go
I started working from home again this week.  I was a little worried, because even on Sunday I was needing a nap to make it through the day.  Well lo and behold, I’ve worked more than 8 hours each day this week.  I felt a little worn out this morning, but that went away.  It got to the point where Lindsey was asking “aren’t you done with work yet.”  I realize that I’m not as fast as I used to be.  Sometimes I’ll have to reread something 2 or 3 times for it to sink in.  Sometimes I’ll forget what I’m doing even though I’m in the middle of it and it’s right on the screen in front of me.  But it’s good to be doing something with my day and it’s great to be in contact with my coworkers.  It’s not like being in the office, but then again the toilet paper is a lot nicer here and I can drink real coke if I want to.
Date Night
Lindsey and I were able to take a little date night on Sunday.  Who knows when the last time was that we were able to go out.  I do know that it hasn’t happened since December 6th.  We went out to eat at O’Charleys and then went to Target.  Normally we would divide and conquer when going to the store, but I wasn’t allowed to touch things since they have germs.  I was able to walk with Lindsey for the most part, but in the end I stood in one part of the store while she got the last few things on the list.  Once we checked out, we headed home.  I definitely needed a nap.
And the Powerball is…
WBC – 2.6
Hemoglobin – 8.8
Platelets – 59
ANC – 2.3
My little neutrophils seem to be hanging in there.  However the rest of my white blood cells are in the crapper.  I go back in on Thursday for another draw.  I would expect all the numbers to be lower. This morning it sure felt like they were lower.
12:30 and 2:30
12:30 would be when I got up to go pee.  2:30 would be when Sydney woke up crying and I had to go comfort her.  That’s a much more normal schedule for me at night.  Granted, I did end up peeing at 2:30, but it was more a matter of convenience since I was already up.
A Sign of the Times
My medications aren’t that complicated.  I have 3 pills that I take twice a day and one pill I take in the morning.  Still it was getting to be a pain to open up all those pill bottles, get out the right amount (some have to be half pills), and then not drop anything on the floor.  I broke down and bought some of those old people boxes.  You know, the ones that have the day of the week on them so you can organize your pills.  I’ve got two boxes, one for days and one for nights.
Get Well Soon
The whole leukemia thing takes a bit to explain to people, and sometimes it’s not worth it.  It’s similar to telling people about the girls being conceived via IVF.  A lot of people ask us if twins run in the family.  Usually I’m up front with people and tell them we did fertility treatments.  Other times it’s just not worth the effort and conversation, so I simply say “why yes, twins do run in the family.”
Similarly, you can’t really say “sorry I’m out of the office receiving treatments for leukemia.” as sometimes that will lead to longer conversations than I may have the energy to have. So sometimes I just go with a simply “sorry, I can’t make it due to illness.”  Of course then “illness” just sounds like I have the flu.  Today I received a very nice response that said “I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well and can’t participate.  I hope you are better soon and we look forward to seeing you in the next class.”  Ya, me too.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father God, I kind of feel like a whack-a-mole at times.  I feel better and pop back up, then a mallet knocks me back down.  But even in the down times you are there, and I’m thankful for that.  Even in the times where I’m not faithful, you are and I’m thankful for that.  Even in the times when I’m too occupied for you, you are there and I’m thankful for that.  Even in the times where I feel good and don’t praise you, you are there and I’m thankful for that.  I know that I am not a perfect child, but I am thankful that you are a perfect God.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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