You Can’t Call Me Abnormal, I’ve Been Tested

Don’t look now, but I have some normal lab results to report…

The Week In Review
There isn’t too much to say about this week, and I suppose that is a good thing.  I worked from home and was able to work full days.  I felt pretty good after getting my blood transfusion of PRBCs (no wonder Lance Armstrong did it so often).  I was tired in the evenings, but went to bed early.  I had a little bit of nausea, but not letting my stomach get empty helps that.  Overall it was a good week.
Mr. Clean Mr. Clean
To remove any doubt of my membership in the Bald Men of America club, I shaved my head.  I had some stubble, but it was a little patchy.  We are going to get family pictures taken, and I thought it looked a little funny.  One moment of impulsiveness later, and my head was shaved.  It’s kind of funny because I missed big chunks on the back of my head. I couldn’t find a mirror so I had to call Lindsey up to help.  She didn’t want to cut me, which I appreciate, so she didn’t push hard enough to get all the hair off.  She then had to guide my hand to get the remaining hairs.  Ah cancer, what memories you create.
That Darn Pre-Retinal Hemorrhage  
I’ve been driving myself to appointments and blood draws.  The other week I noticed my peripheral vision has a blind spot.  I would turn my head to the right as I was changing lanes, and the back window was blocked out.  If I turned my head a little further so that I was more facing the back window, I could see just fine.  I did some un-scientific tests as I was driving where I would see how long I could see signs and other things out of the corner of my eye.  My peripheral vision seemed to be fine when I looked straight ahead, but when I turned my head and looked out of the corner of my eye, I had to turn it more than normal to see.
As it Turns Out
I’m not losing my peripheral vision, I’m only losing my mind.  I used to always wear contacts during the day and only wear my glasses at night before bed.  Now I wear my glasses all the time because it’s just easier.  As it turns out, when I was turning my head only partially to see out the back window it wasn’t my vision that was blacked out.  My eye was obstructed by the thicker part of my glasses frame, which made it look like the window was blacked out.  When I turned my head more, I was looking out my glasses lense, so the frame was no longer blocking my view.  I’ve since adjusted and now I tilt my head up a bit so the frame isn’t obstructing my view.  I’m really glad I’m not losing my vision, but I’m sure going to miss my mind.
And the (Monday) Powerball is…
Considering last Thursday as so low, I’m showing a good jump.
WBC – 3.7
Hemaglobin – 9.0
Platelet – 123
ANC – 3.0
And the (Thursday) Powerball is…
Don’t look now, but some of these numbers are in the normal range.  Only my hemoglobin is abnormal.  That Neulasta stuff really works.
WBC – 6.7
Hemaglobin 8.9
Platelet – 431
ANC – 5.6
Lindsey and I are going on a date tonight!  I’ll add the Duck Dynasty prayer after we get back.

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