Quiet Sunday

No NFL games, no plans, just time to relax…

Mmmmmm Mexican
When I was on a neutropenic diet, I couldn’t have uncooked foods and foods that sat out.  You know, things like salsa, queso, guac, pico, etc.  Mexican restaurants were off limits.  Now that I’m back in the office, there are a lot of people that go to lunch.  And now that my numbers are up, one lunch destination that is no longer off limits is Puerto Vallarta, my favorite Mexican restaurant.  I was in the office for 4 days last week and ate at Puerta Vallarta for 2 of those days.  I might try and keep up the same ratio this week too.
I Have Cancer
Sounds funny, but I have to remind myself of that sometimes.  At first it was simply because of my diagnosis…Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Do you see the word “cancer” in there?  Me neither.  There’s Breast Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer, etc etc and then there is Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  Somewhere along the way, the word cancer got lost.  I don’t feel slighted, but I did have to remind myself that I’m not fighting an infection or some type of other disease.  Even though the diagnosis doesn’t quite spell it out, I have cancer.
I Have a Cancer Card
It’s not a membership card or anything like that.  It’s not even a physical card.  But it can be effective.  For all you Hoosiers or those that have learned euchre while visiting the Midwest, it works a lot like the right bower, it basically trumps anything.  You don’t want to just throw it down at any old point though.  No the cancer card must be played with restraint.
Here’s how it might work.  We all know the traditional rules of calling shotgun.  First person to call it gets the front seat.  Now enter the cancer card.  If you so choose to play it, it trumps the person who called shotgun first.  All you have to say is “I have cancer, I get the front seat.”  Or say there is only one cookie left and someone tries to grab it.  You simply slap their hand and say “I have cancer, I get the last cookie.”  If you play the cancer card correctly, you’ll soon find yourself eating a cookie while riding in the front seat.
The cancer card can be quite effective, but only used in moderation.  It also doesn’t work everywhere.  For instance, if you are at a cancer support group, it loses all power.  Some may frown on the use of the cancer card, and for others it makes them feel uncomfortable.  Rest assured, when it’s played it doesn’t mean the owner is taking cancer lightly.  It’s just a way for some of us to deal with our diagnosis.  And for those that still don’t like it, well “I have cancer, I can play any damn card I want.”
I’m Battling Cancer
I won’t name any names here, but someone I’m married to and a frequent witness of the cancer card has astutely pointed out that come February 18th, it will most likely be confirmed that I am in remission. If I am in remission, then I can’t technically say “I have cancer.”  The good news about the cancer card is that is doesn’t get revoked.  I just have to modify my phrasing a bit.  Instead of “I have cancer” I’ll simply change it to “I’m battling cancer.”  That will be a true statement for the next 5 years.  That buys me plenty of time to think of another phrase for when I’m cured.
And the Powerball Is…
WBC – 6.3
Hemoglobin – 10.1
Platelets – 270
ANC – 4.8
My hemoglobin took a nice little bounce there.  The other numbers are down a bit, but don’t you fret (and don’t you frown), they are still in the normal range and I have another draw tomorrow.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Dear God, thank you for this Sabbath.  Thank you for this day of rest.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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