Just Hanging Out

What’s Up Doc
Right now I’m enjoying some fever free time at home.  Unfortunately it’s somewhat energy free too, but still, it’s home.  My next appointment with Dr. Cripe is Wednesday, July 8th.  Assuming my counts are high enough, I will have another bone marrow aspiration (oh joy) to confirm my remission.  Once my remission is confirmed, we will most likely discuss how close we are to SCT.  Depending on timelines, I may receive another round of chemo (Cycle 1B) to maintain remission.  The B cycles always intrigued me.  During those cycles I’m given IV Methotrexata.  The dose is so high that I then have to take Leucovorin.  Leucovorin is called a rescue drug and helps remove the methotrexate from my system.  It’s essentially like taking a poison and then taking an antidote afterwards.  If I didn’t take the Leucovorin, the Methotrexate would stay in my system and I’d develop severe mouth sores and GI issues as it ate away at my tissue.  Good times

My Kentucky Joke
I never got to make my Kentucky joke.  Just ran out of time.  You see, when my sister and I were getting tested to see if we were a match, we both did q-tip swabs on the inside of our mouths.  The BMT coordinator said the same test can be used for paternity testing.  So there we were, brother and sister in Indiana waiting to see if we were a bone marrow match.  And somewhere in Kentucky there was a brother and sister taking the same test to confirm the paternity of their child.  Small world.

Hairy’s Revenge
You may remember the nose hair I unceremoniously cut out after my first discharge.  He may have had the last laugh.  A day or two later, I thought I was developing a sensitivity to the surgical masks I was wearing.  Unfortunately it turned out to be a zit on the end of my nose.  And not one of those you can just pop to get relief.  No, it just sat there red and angry for a few days.  Drove me crazy.  Damn nose hair may have gotten the best of me.

Speaking of Hair
Mine is falling out.  This isn’t unexpected, but still strange.  I’m pretty sure I had forgotten to wear deodorant for a bit.  Perhaps it sounds odd to forget, but when you were sleeping as much as I was, you don’t really have a routine.  I most definitely didn’t wake up in the morning and follow my pre-leukemia routine of getting ready.  So there I was on the Saturday morning I got admitted.  I was up to get ready for the girls party and I was somewhat following routine.  So I took the stick of deodorant and jabbed it into my armpit to apply liberally.  When I pulled it back out, I was quite surprised.  It was covered in hair, to the point it was hard to see the actual deodorant.  Yep, I probably hadn’t been wearing deodorant, as the hair would have come out more gradually instead of in one big clump.

Hair We GoIMG_4290
It’s really interesting (at least to me) to see your hair fall out.  I’ve included a picture of how my pillow looks in the morning after sleeping on it all night.  Generally, I check around my body a bit to see what hair is holding on and what hair isn’t.  I’ll grab a few of my goatee whiskers and pull to see if they are starting to come out.  I’ll grab a few hairs on my head as well.  I’ll also check my arms, legs and chest just to see what areas of me are shedding and what aren’t.  I don’t pull at any other hairs, because if they aren’t ready to come out it kinda hurts.  So right now my whiskers, hair on my head and leg hair can all be pulled out easily.  Actually, when the kids came to see me in the hospital I showed them how easy it was to pull out the hair on my head.  I asked if they would like to try.  Sydney and Tucker where a bit scared, but Natalie was up for it.  She grabbed some hair and pulled and then squealed with delight as she clutched daddy’s hair between her fingers.  Now I can’t do that too often, because I don’t want my head to look patchy, but you’ve got to have a little bit of fun with cancer to keep your sanity.

Thank you hc1.com (and h1 Academy)!
I have some great coworkers.  I miss them terribly.  Soon after my diagnosis was announced, a signup sheet was created to pray for me or think about me throughout the day.  The sheet was filled up very quickly and it’s great to know who is supporting me when I look at a clock and see what time it is.  I also received a daily verse and encouragement.  But it doesn’t end there.  They also have done some fundraising and I was both surprised and thrilled to receive a Robstrong check in the mail this week.  This money will make a big difference as it will help cover medical bills and help provide a sense or normalcy for the kids as we cut back on non essential spending.   I also was told that there were PTO donations made for me, which will help us maintain a normal income for a little bit longer.  My coworkers have been and continue to be a big blessing and I can’t thank them enough!

And the Powerball Numbers Are:
I have no idea.  I was drawn on Monday, but haven’t received my results yet.  I know my hemoglobin is above 7.0, simply because no one called me to arrange a transfusion.  I’m not sure what my whites or platelets might be.  Hopefully they’ll send me the results tomorrow.

A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father God, thank you for this reprieve from doctors and hospitals.  Thank you for my time at home.  Thank you for being able to tuck my kids into bed, to read to them and to sing them songs.  Thank you for the short walk I was able to take today and thank you for an understanding wife who let’s me rest.  Grant me strength to help out where I can and stamina to enjoy my time outside with the kids.  Help me Lord to more closely follow you.  Use me as you see fit and let me gladly walk in your light.  Thank you for all you’ve given me.  Thank you for another day.

One thought on “Just Hanging Out

  1. Thank you Dear Son for your continued update to us all. It is our prayerful desire that God, only according to His Will&our strenght as family&friends to accept that Will, that you be granted many more years of life to see, experience joy as well as sadness as your children grow older to the challenges of everyday life, reach your year of a well deserved retirement years down the road, be able to have the joy of grandchildren, then one day after all of this a time we all face but not knowing when be accepted into the open arms of Jesus will the words ringing in your ears, Well done My Son, come enjoy the eternal love of Our God. Love, Dad&Pam


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