Now We Wait

The BMA is all done.  Overall it went pretty well. My hemoglobin is up a bit.  My WBC and Platelets are down a bit.  Dr. Cripe said we really can’t tell anything by those counts. What will really tell us what is going on is the result of the BMA.  We won’t have those today.  We should receive results tomorrow.  So now we wait. 

11 thoughts on “Now We Wait

  1. Prayers are with you and yours, Rob. This brings back many memories of my sister Ardis’ leukemia journey almost 25 years ago, and my experience as her bone marrow donor. What a journey, but made so much easier knowing that so many people were keeping all of us in their thoughts and prayers….so lifted up! Blessings, Leslie Wineland Goss

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  2. Our family, the Keevers, in Monticello are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers Rob… Our, Mama, Dorothy, has always had a very special place in her heart for you and wants me to be sure and tell you she prays for you everyday and she knows God will keep you strong . God Bless You, Rob.

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  3. Hi Bob ,
    Well it sounds like today was better than you thought.your so brave and staying positive. Iam positive for you and praying little prayers during the day. Hope the results will be all in your favor. God Bless you and be by your side

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  4. So happy the bra is in your rear view mirror. Our prayer is for your coming days to be filled with His promise of hope, encouragement and love for you rand your family.

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