Last Call for Alcohol

Well, Actually It’s a Last Call for RobStrong T-shirts
If you want a Robstrong T-Shirt and haven’t ordered yet, today is your last day!  As an incentive, I will give you a 10% discount when you order 100 or more T-shirts.  Everyone loves a deal!

Sorry for those of you expecting whiskey or beer.  Actually, if you still want a whiskey or beer you can go to Traders Point Bar and Grill around 5pm and get one.  Just look for the odd looking group with the bearded guy that doesn’t smile.  They’ll hook you up.

Free at Last Free At Last, Thank You Home care I’m Free at Last 
Yesterday morning around 8:30a I was unhooked from the Blinatumomab.  For the past 28 days I’ve always been tethered to some form of medical equipment.  For almost 3 weeks that has been a small infusion pump and bag of Blinatumomab inside a black backpack.  Need to go to the bathroom?  Grab the black backpack.  Need to answer the door? Grab the black backpack?  Need to get something out of the fridge.  Put something on the counter.  Get something out of the oven? Grab the black backpack.  Grab the black backpack.  Grab the black backpack.

Grabbing the black backpack wasn’t always so bad.  Now the more annoying problems were when something was just out of reach.  I tried just tugging on my IV line one time to pull the bag closer, but that doesn’t really work.  The problem times were when I’d be up against the kitchen counter and as I’d go to grab something the tubing would get caught on a cabinet knob or something else and I’d be pulled backward; immediately looking down at my arm to make sure the PICC line hadn’t been pulled out.  And the dangerous times are when I’d put something in or get something out of the oven.  I didn’t think about it at first, but then I noticed the IV tubing dangling precariously by 400 degree surfaces.  If I had let it touch, it would have melted and we would have had Blinatumomab flavored lasagna for dinner.

It’s taken a bit to get used to, but it’s nice to be free now.  As you’ll see below, I still have the PICC but I have some tube gauze to hold it in place (thank you Amazon!).  I’m declaring my next 2 weeks as a vacation from cancer.  I feel pretty good.  I have no appointments (ok, 1 lab draw and 1 dressing change).  I really don’t have anything cancer related to do.  So essentially I have the next 2 weeks off from cancer.  I plan on enjoying it.

On the left is my 24/7 hookup to the IV pump and Blinatumomab. On the right is me unhooked :)
On the left is my 24/7 hookup to the IV pump and Blinatumomab. On the left is me unhooked 🙂

Pathology Bills
Some of my tests that are still handled in the IU Health lab are billed separately from the IU Health Bill.  Separate postage, separate paper, separate payment system.  You know, efficiency in healthcare.  Now when I got a recent bill from Univ Clin Pathology Assoc, PC, I was really confused.  There were 10 pages of charges, but the bill was only for $8.57.  There were dates on the bill that I should have owed for (June and July charges) but they showed insurance paid.  There were also a lot of April dates on there and I know I didn’t have that much testing in April.  That’s when I finally paid attention to the full date.  Day/Month/Year.  My 10 page bill had 9.5 pages of charges from 2013 (when I first had cancer) and a 1/4 page of charges from 2015 (which is what I owed for).  Why in the world would you print 10 pages when you could fit the pertinent charge on 1 page?  That’s 9 pages of paper, printing and postage wasted.  And 9 extra pages of paper for your customer to sort through as they try and figure out what the bill is for.  As a former IUH employee, I went through the times of cutbacks, layoffs, etc.  Surely they could save a bit of coin by not sending me 9.5 pages of paid of charges from 2 years ago.  Just an idea Dan.  Doesn’t mean you have to do it.  And don’t worry, I promptly paid my bill after I finally figured out what it was I owed you for 🙂

A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Thank you God for the freedom to move around.  And at a more basic level, thank you for the ability to move around.  I look forward to a bit of a break.  Time to reflect, time to think, time to enjoy.  Everyone needs a bit of time.  While I’m not truly able to take a break from cancer, I can choose to consciously think about other things.  To enjoy the moment without the dark clouds.  To see the sunshine.  I know there’s always sunshine God, even if I have to rise above the clouds to see it.  I thank you for that, and I thank you for another day.

12 thoughts on “Last Call for Alcohol

  1. Yay for being unhooked! Congratulations!!!!!

    I realized just now that it’s been a long time since I’ve written you a note. I’ve read your posts and sometimes my phone will not let me post a note… Sometimes I’m in the middle of chasing a small child… Sometimes I think I’ll come back to it and I forget. Rest assured friend, I never forget about you, about your family, about your cancer, about praying for you (or about sending the delivery boy your direction with food… Although we are slacking in the mowing department!) I think of you many times a day and I need to be better at letting you know. Forgive me. Enjoy your two “freedom weeks”. Hopefully we can see you😉

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  2. I know you are enjoying being free from the black backpack! Maybe Syd can have fun shredding all the extra unnecessary pages of medical bills?;-) Love you post as always and enjoy your vacation- what a great way to look at this time.

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  3. Happy Vacation! Happy Take-a-Break time! I’m sure you feel like a puppy off a leash! Go! Run! Play! And, I’ll just shift gears in my prayers for you to…..smiles and hugs, fun with the kids, feeling free, getting some rest, and thankful for your medical status right now. God bless, Mr. Culross!

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  4. Hope your T-Shirt sales went well……Was just thinking of you and Lindsey and sending prayers for remission. Hang in there….we love you and are behind you every day striving for survivorship.

    Love to all
    Aunt Liz

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  5. Rob, I love your image of finding the sunshine above the clouds. Reminds me of flying when the plane starts in rain but then ascends through the clouds. The sunshine is even more beautiful there, and I enjoy looking down on the top of the clouds. Thanks again for your continued positive attitude. God’s blessings to you every day. Enjoy this time out. Forget about the next round until it is time to prepare and then trust God that the next part of the journey will go smoothly.

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