Bonus Edition

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Rob
I had a bit more to say than would fit in the last post.  I try to keep them around 1,000 words but the last one was getting away from me.  So you get bonus Rob tonight 🙂

Don’t Move I’m Shooting
So one of our readers asked how long radiation lasts and how long I need to stay still.  Good question.  (Another reader pointed out that she named her son after my right testicle, Harry.  Flattering, but a little awkward). The actual radiation part will be 12-13 minutes.  They told me that I don’t get radiation for a solid 12-13 minutes.  The machine takes some short breaks in there, so they’ll come in 3-4 minute chunks. I guess they don’t want it to overheat and cause another Chernobyl.

As far as staying still, I have to do so between the time they take an X-ray and the end of radiation.  So they get me all set up and situated in my bean bag mattress.  They’ll take measurements to make sure I’m in the EXACT place I need to be.  Then they’ll take an X-ray.  This X-ray is to ensure that the blocks for my lungs are in the right place and I won’t get radiation to my lungs.  If the placement of the blocks is off, they’ll move me and take another X-ray.  If the placement of the blocks is on, then everyone will leave the room and close a very thick door so they don’t get any of the stuff I’m about to be exposed to.  The x-ray takes 5 minutes to come back (they’re a cute group and still use actual film instead of a digital x-ray).  So if I have to wait 5 minutes for the X-ray and the radiation takes 13, let’s just round up to 20 minutes of stillness.  I just know I’m going to get a bad itch on my nose…

Farewell Rob ice cream
I love the nurses on 3 East.  I wouldn’t dare try to name the great nurses I’ve had, since I’d surely miss a few.  However, one bought me Ice Cream and that is a sure way to get mentioned on my blog.  Lisa works nights and is fluent in sarcasm as well so we’ve had a lot of good times.  During my last stay (which we both thought would be my absolute last stay on the unit) she covertly put my Cipro in my trazadone cup so I wouldn’t take it with my night meds(you have to have been REALLY paying attention to understand this*).  Last time around Lisa and I had been talking about favorite ice cream flavors.  Mine is Cookies N Cream.  So as a farewell gift to me, Lisa went downstairs to the cafeteria where they have a Ritter’s freezer and bought some Cookies N Cream ice cream for me.  It was delish and especially nice coming from someone I bonded so well with.  Thank you Lisa for your farewell gift!

Farewell Lisa puddle
I was a little embarrassed  because I hadn’t gotten Lisa anything.  I mean, I did put her name in my neuro check, but I also wrote Sydney’s name and the ladies want something special.  I know Lisa is a great nurse and great nurses love challenges.  So for Lisa’s farewell, I woke up with a blood and blinatumomab puddle on my mattess complete with blood dripping from my IV line.  I pressed my nurse call button and said my IV line was leaking and I needed help.  One lonely tech came through the door and I immediately said “You’re gonna need more people.”  Right behind her was Lisa ready to save the day.  Granted, saving the day didn’t take too much.  She had to screw on part of the line that came  loose, but still, she looked the part.  She got me all cleaned up, flushed the lines appropriately and hooked everything back up.  Lisa, I hoped you liked my farewell gift as much as I liked yours 🙂
The reason you really had to be paying attention to get what Lisa did is it’s probably been 2 years since I’ve written about Cipro and calcium.  I can’t take Cipro within 2 hours of having calcium. So if Lisa had put the Cipro in with my night meds and I had taken them, I wouldn’t have been able to eat the ice cream she was bringing me.  So by putting it in with my sleeping pill, which I wouldn’t take until later, she successfully kept me from taking my cipro.  Watch out for nurses.  They are sneaky.

6 thoughts on “Bonus Edition

  1. I am grateful someone asked the question of “timing”. Every extra detail allows us to understand more of the process! God bless these special nurses Sydney and Lisa for giving my son such wonderful extra special care!

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  2. ‘ve had to stay still for medical procedures, but not quite that long. I know how anxious that makes you while you are trying so hard!! I’m going to be praying now for no itchy anything and an amazing calmness in your mind where you are confident you can pass each moment one by one with perfect peace.

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  3. I must add another note! A friend of mine commented on a FB share, and just in case you didn’t see it, she posted that when she went through six weeks of radiation treatment for cancer, she sang Christian songs over and over in her mind during the radiation “stillness”. What a good suggestion!

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