Day -2

This will be short as I don’t have my laptop to type on.  Fatigue and nausea continue to be the main side effects.  The doctors expect more side effects to develop sometime around day+2. I had my testicle radiation boost today. I’ll write more about that tomorrow to do it justice, but it was quite odd having three women arrange and tape my penis and testicles to prepare them. 

Tomorrow is my last day of radiation and then I get my new stem cells on Friday!  More on that tomorrow as well. Night all šŸ˜‰

10 thoughts on “Day -2

  1. You and your family are a wonderful example of God’s love and a strength that comes only through him. We ask for Continued Blessings for your health and for your family.

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  2. I wondered if you would have access to your laptop, if they would have to sterilize it in someway.
    Many prayers are with you, your family and your DOM from a multitude of people. Your witness throughout this journey lifts us all up. We are all one body in Christ. We praise God for all the advances in medicine that provide for your treatment and that of so many others who are fighting similar battles.
    Sleep well in faith of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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  3. I’m reading this at 0500 on the 15th, so today is your last day of radiation! Congratulations! Concerned though about the vivid dreams you are having…….3 women and your boy parts? ha ha! All in a days work. Cannot express to you all the ways I am raising you up to God. Thank you for showing us all how to live like Jesus. Hugs to you

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  4. Keep doing what they tell you to do and do what you can! I just can’t believe all the people who are praying for you right now! So many who leave you comments and so many who are just praying and praying. Friday is tomorrow so hang in there. maybe you could dictate your messages for someone with a computer to put it out there for you. You are going to get through this and oh boy just think of the stories you will have to tell. Love your humor! Hugs from Northern IN.

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