Just Keep Swimming

Making Progress Dory-image-300x300
I’d like to try an update weekly, along with my visits with Dr. Nelson, but at the very least I’ll try and update fortnightly.  I had my typical visit with Dr. Nelson on Monday.  That was a little more than 6 weeks after my transplant.  My creatinine has come down to 1.4.  Still slightly above normal, but much better than the 4.4 it was.  He advised that there was nothing different I should be doing and I’m on track for where he wants me at this point in my recovery.  I go in for more labs tomorrow, just to check blood counts and the levels of the drugs I’m taking.

GVH, is That You?
I still haven’t had any concrete signs of GVH.  That’s good in the sense that I haven’t had those side effects.  Bad in the sense that I want a little GVH so my new cells have a chance to kill any remaining leukemia cells.  Granted, I’ve had some symptoms of GVH, but not really enough to call it GVH.  I’ll spare you the details, but there are times when I go through an awful lot of toilet paper.

Healing vs Hoping
Cancer is an interesting beast.  I feel good.  There is no sign of disease in my body, yet at times it lingers in the back of my mind.  It’s not like, say, a broken bone.  A broken bone you can watch heal.  You can take x-rays.  See the fracture.  Then take more x-rays and see the healing of the bone.  You know once it’s healed that it is practically as good as new.  It may break again if you put yourself in circumstances to cause the break, but it’s not like you’ll just be driving down the road and your arm will break again.

Contrast that with Cancer.  You won’t know when it’s back.  You won’t feel it growing inside of you.  But the cancer fire may very well spark again while you’re driving unsuspectingly down the road.  One mutated cell divides and becomes two.  Two divide and become four.  The process continues until finally you notice.

I don’t know that you ever “heal” from cancer.  That’s not to say that I won’t go on with life.  From my first experience with remission, I’m sure I won’t think of cancer on a daily basis.  I’ll get wrapped up in living life to its fullest.  But there will always be that bruise.  That bloody nose.  That pain in my bones that will make me wonder.   No, you never heal from cancer but you hope to never have to deal with it again.

And the Powerball Numbers Are:
I’ve gotten a little behind on sharing my CBC numbers.  If you want to ride the roller coaster with me, they are below.  But don’t worry too much about them going up and down.  That’s normal, even if there is a little bit of mental torture when a number drops.

11/16/2015: WBC 3.6, Hemoglobin 11.3, Platelet 126
11/19/2015: WBC 2.7, Hemoglobin 10.2, Platelet 88
11/20/2015: WBC 2.7, Hemoglobin 10.0, Platelet 96
11/23/2015: WBC 3.4, Hemoglobin 10.3, Platelet 95
11/25/2015: WBC 3.3, Hemoglobin 9.6, Platelet 99
11/30/2015: WBC 3.2, Hemoglobin 9.0, Platelets 101

That’s About It
There isn’t much else going on, which I suppose is a good thing.  It’s easy to write when there are new medical updates or things I need to think through.  Right now I’m just walking the road to recovery one step at a time.  I’m taking naps when I need to.  Pushing myself when I can.  And yes, I’m showering and brushing my teeth a bit more regularly.  I’m also taking an online programming class to try and keep my mind challenged.  I may not make all the deadlines, but it’s nice because I can work at my own pace.

A Duck Dynasty Prayer
God there is hope.  There is hope in you.  There is also healing.  You alone can heal me.  You alone know my future.  I may not know if this cancer will every return, but you already know.  I may wonder but may I never wander from you.  Thank you for another day.

12 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. So glad to read your post this evening. Just remember when “nothing” is going on, God is at work protecting you from “something” going on. Keep strong, Rob strong!!!

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  2. DEar Rob, just me the Prayer Warrior letting you know how my husband and I mention your name each evening at supper when we do our devotions together. You inspire us! A good prayer:”Jesus, You take care of it!” He will. Hugs to you and your family!

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  3. The human body is a truly remarkable creation of God. It is so capable, and the way everything works together could only be conceived in the mind of God. Even in disease, it’s faculties leave me in awe. And here we also see God’s work, because He built in recovery mechanisms with which doctors can work, and without which even the greatest doctors would be useless.
    Other than not having cancer, or the cancer miraculously disappearing (which nobody rules out), is there any way that things could be better? You were supposed to get to this post-SCT point, and now here you are, right where you are supposed to be. You were supposed to have some sort of GVH reaction, and now here you are, right where you are supposed to be (God’s gift to the TP industry). Maybe there will be a more intense GVH reaction later, and maybe not, but is there a problem with either outcome that you know of? Sure, there are things about this ALL cancer to which you will always be blind, but you are in the Hands of One in Whom there is no blindness, only infinite wisdom, mercy and power. Right where you are supposed to be.

    Love, Uncle Claude

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  4. Keep up your spirits! Glad to hear you are showering and brushing your teeth! Need to set that good example for the young ones! LOL! I keep you and the whole family in my prayers. On line class, good idea!
    I pray you all have a wonderful Christmas and can enjoy the delight in the kids’ eyes as the wonder of Christmas unfold.

    Thinking of you and just feel 2016 is going to be a GREAT year for all of you!

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  5. Good to get an update. Been wondering how you were progressing. Baby steps, Rob. This the Christmas season. Praying you and your family are blessed with much joy as you celebrate the birth of Jesus. Bask in the joy and delight of your beautiful children. Your faith and perseverance have carried you to this part of your journey. His love and healing power will continue to sustain you.

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  6. Hi Robbie. I like to think that no news is good news, so I’m glad you confirmed that things are on track. YIPPEEEEEE! Hoping you are enjoying this holiday season with your family and keeping your eye on that Disney vacation…next year?!?! 🙂 Still RobStrong and thinking of you often with prayers for continued recovery!

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  7. Now that you’ve committed to better hygiene for her, maybe your hot wife could commit to bringing you some really soft TP. Hospital stuff is like wiping with corn husks! DIE CANCER DIE. And quit playing mind games with out friend. God bless you Rob – and your little family – with peace that passes all understanding.

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  8. Wise words….good news……and an honest statement of human weakness…..all ok …..you are following the path designed for you and touch many hearts. You are blessed and are blessing others. I personally THANK GOD everyday for the blessing of being part of your family and the privilege to be a prayer warrior for you. Keeps me on my knees.😊
    Love and hugs to you, Lindsey, and those wonderful angels who brighten our lives.

    Aunt Liz

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