Let’s Do This Thing

Today is the day I should find out the type of Leukemia I have.  I know some will say one type is better than the other, but I can beat either one so I’m not too hung up on it.  The important thing about knowing the type is that they can then formulate my treatment plan.  Once they know my treatment plan, I can hopefully begin chemo this weekend.

I will also have an abdominal ultrasound today.  My spleen is enlarged and I have increased pain when they push around my gallbladder so they want to check both of those things out.  It’s possible that I will be transferred to the Simon Cancer Center, which is my preference, so I’m waiting to hear about that as well.
Other than that, I plan on enjoying today as I’m sure when the chemo starts the days will become much tougher.  Thank you all for your kind words and prayers.  Lindsey and I truly appreciate each one of you!

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