Simon Says Don’t Breathe

I had my ultrasound this morning and we played a fun little game.  It wasn’t exactly Simon Says since the ultrasound tech never said “simon says…” but I did have 3 specific instructions to follow.  They were:

Deep Breath and Hold
Breathe Normal
Don’t Breathe
This all seems easy enough, but it was the combination of instructions that made it a bit rough.  For instance, I would be told to take a deep breath and hold it.  20 seconds or so later I was told to breath normal.  However not but 2 seconds later I got a “Don’t Breathe.”  So basically I only had time to exhale and never had time to inhale.  Eventually I would get a “Breathe Normal” reprieve, but they always seemed a bit short.  This went on for about 25 minutes with many more “Breath and Holds” and “Don’t breathes” than the breathe normals.
My ever adaptable ultrasound tech did eventually catch on that my twitching meant I needed a bit of a break.  Or perhaps my face was turning blue.  Who knows.

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