This Space Intentionally Left Blank

Daddy’s Nose Bleed

Yesterday  I wrote about my nose bleed.  While my nose was bleeding, Lindsey called me via Facetime (for those that don’t know, facetime is an app on the iPhone that allows you to video chat).  As I talked to Sydney and Natalie, I held a wash cloth over my nose to catch the blood.  The girls still aren’t quite used to talking to daddy over the iphone, so it was a short conversation.  Here’s the cute part…after the call was over Sydney walked around the house with her hand over her nose to look like her daddy. Click here to see a picture.
The 3 C’s: Cancer, Chemotherapy and Kicking ALL’s ASS
Some one pointed out to me that I use a lot of C words in my posts.  I imagine part of that is because Cancer, Chemotherapy, and Kicking ALL’s ASS almost all begin with the letter C.  So in honor of the letter C, I offer the following…
Chop-Chop cancer cure, come more quickly. Can’t you C I court your company?  Chemotherapy comforts me crudely.  A cure could comfort completely.  Couldn’t a cure come for Christmas?  If not, I’ll still kick ALL’s ASS.
And the Powerball is:
For you number kind of people, I thought I’d provide some info on my blood counts.  Hopefully you can make more sense of them than I usually do:
WBC: Today 2.4, yesterday 2.5, Saturday 2.3
Hemoglobin: Today 9.1, yesterday 9.9, Saturday 10.3
Platelets: Today 27, yesterday 13, Saturday 15 (I received a transfusion, which is why today’s number is much higher)
If my Hemoglobin gets around 7, then I get a transfusion.  If my platelets get around 10, then I get a transfusion.
An Unfortunate Rainbow
Lindsey visited the gift shop for me today.  I needed a highlighter for my bible.  While she was in the cancer center gift shop, she noticed all the different colored bracelets for different types of cancers. Each bracelet a different color.  Each color representing a type of cancer.  Each type of cancer is a killer that needs to be stopped.  I need to learn which colors go with which cancers.  I’ll probably never look at a rainbow the same way again.
Headline News
So what really happened today?  The answer is not much.  I received my 4th and 5th bag of chemo today. Lindsey and I got to hang out and listen to the Chemo playlist she put together.  It’s made up of a few songs we like and a few songs that have become important since my diagnosis.  I’ve been able to facetime with the kids some today, which has been good.  I stare at their pictures often and can’t wait to see them again.  I got my PICC line dressing changed today. I tried to watch, but I was told I couldn’t breathe on it, so I just turned my head.  Kinda odd to see a little tube just sticking out of your skin anyway.  I stayed regular and ate pretty well.  A pastor from our church stopped by to pray with us.  I also got to see an old friend who I used to work with and has many ties to the cancer center.  All in all a good day.
One other minor victory occurred today.  I am no longer on IV fluids.   This means I am no longer tied to a pole 24/7.  I kinda got used to toting the thing around.  It just became habit.  Anyone want to take bets on if I will forget I’m no longer hooked up to it and automatically take it with me to the bathroom tonight?  Maybe I’ll do it anyway, just for company.  I kinda miss my pole friend already.
Broken Scale
They took my weight today, but darn it if the scale wasn’t broken.  The scale showed that I’ve gained 0.8 kilos since I came here on Friday.  Hopefully they get a scale that works, since an accurate weight is very important.  Guess I’ll stop ordering the apple pie and ice cream for every dessert.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father, thank you for today.  I’ve taken another step on this journey and today it hit me just how long of a journey this will be.  Five years until I am cured.  2.5 years of treatments.  While I feel good today, I can’t stop now.  That would be like celebrating my first few steps as a sign of victory in a marathon.  There are many more steps to go, a number too big for me to conceive.  There is no guarantee that I will finish this race, but I have faith that you will see me through it.  Please let me take each step one at a time and speak to me throughout each motion.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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