Kailey’s Corner

I read every message in my guestbook.  You can tell when I’ve read your message because I always click the little Caring Bridge button at the bottom.  The below note comes directly out of my guestbook. It is from my sister Michelle and is about something that happened in my niece Kailey’s classroom.  If you’re someplace you don’t want to cry, then read Kailey’s Corner a bit later. I’ve got some powerful kindergartners on my side!

Guestbook Entry by Michelle


Below is an email I received from Kailey’s kindergarten teacher, Sarah, earlier today. I had it on my list to email the kids’ teachers to let them know what was going on in case either of them mentioned it at school.  Before I had the chance, this took place, in a public school, no less.  I couldn’t have imagined Kailey’s teacher managing what happened any better. I was amazed when I read this and I think you will be too.  Kailey, of course, is girl 1 🙂
Kailey told the class about her uncle. Here’s the email I sent to our staff’s prayer group. Our prayers are with you. 

Moved to tears today when this happened in my class:
Girl 1:”My uncle is really sick and they’re going to get the sick out of him so he is going to lose all his hair from his head, legs, armpits, and everywhere. So please pray for him that he’s ok.”
Girl 2:”Let’s pray right now! Can we, Miss Brown?”
Me: “You sure can.” (Thinking it would be in her head or privately. Though I work in a public school, I will never tell a child s/he can NOT pray.)
Girl 2 closes her eyes and bows her head, the rest of the class gets silent without anyone saying anything to prompt them: “Dear Jesus, Thank you for this great day. And please watch over K’s uncle and keep him safe.”
Girl 3: “Dear God, Thank you for everything. Please help her uncle get better. Amen.”
Girl 1: “Dear Lord, Thank you for all the great things. Please take care of my uncle and make him safe. Please don’t let him die. Amen.”
And then they seamlessly moved back to their independent work. So moved by the Holy Spirit. 
Now that is God at work!

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