Waiting on the Chuck Wagon

The food here hasn’t been too bad.  I haven’t made it through everything on the menu yet.  Got to save some stuff for later on.  Typically I call down to order my food, and it takes an hour or so to arrive.  That hour is occurring as we speak.  I ordered Beef Quesadilla, chicken noodle soup, side salad and angel food cake.  It all seems like a weird combination, but they say variety is the spice of life.

Clocks of Assurance
Assurance is very important at IU Health, so I don’t joke about it lightly.  We want you to be assured that you are receiving the best care from the best people, and I know that I am.  But then there is the clock in my room…
The clock in my room is an hour fast.  So when it’s really 5pm, my clock says 6pm.  It apparently didn’t get the fall back memo. I’ve been told it’s a known issue since the time change, but no fix yet.  I actually had Lindsey bring in a digital clock so I didn’t have to convert the time in my head.  I know it seems simple to subtract an hour from a clock, but the chemo brain has an impact on even simple math.  So I’ve stopped looking at my hospital clock and now look at my own personal clock.  In the grand scheme of things, I think Path Results of Assurance is much more important than Clocks of Assurance, but still.  Mr. Evans, can’t you help a brother out here?  Clocks of Assurance seems like an easy win.
That’s Some Heavy Apple Pie
I checked in to the hospital at 110 kg.  After seeing that I gained 0.8 kilos, I dropped the apple pie last night.  I got weighed again this morning and and I am now 108.4 kg.  That’s some heavy apple pie!  Actually, I think the weight loss can be attributed to my IV fluids being stopped last night and my frequent trips to the bio break room.  Guess apple pie is back on the menu!
Dear Chemo, I Barely Knew You
My initial round of chemo is done.  I finished up this morning with Cytoxan, which is what I have been getting since Saturday night.  I also received 2 new types of chemo this morning.  I got a dose of doxorubicin and a dose of vincristine.  Before the doxorubicin, I was told I’d probably want to eat ice chips while it infused.  Not knowing why, I asked.  The nurse said, “One of the main side effects is mouth sores, so if you eat ice chips it constricts the vessels and hopefully helps the chemo from impacted your mouth as much.” Say no more, I ate ice chips like a fiend.
The side effect of vincristine is constipation.  I wasn’t quite sure where to put the ice chips to help with that, so we’ll wait and see what happens.  I’m still just a regular guy at the moment.
Sunny Day
My room has a great big window.  It’s a sunny day today, and I’m enjoying the sunlight as it comes through the window. Now, if I could just enjoy the sunlight with a little lunch, that would be great.  Come on chuck wagon!

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