It’s Thursday Right?

Days are starting to run together.  At about 9:40am this morning I randomly looked at my phone and realized a week ago at about the same time I was receiving a call tell me to go to the hospital to be admitted.  One week down, 259 more to go.

Woof Woof, Good Rob.  Now Stay.
I’m sleeping a lot.  I’ve developed a dog like sleep.  You know, where the dog will be laying all comfy, might hear something, open one eye, check it out and think”screw it, this ain’t worth waking up for” and then go right back to sleep.  At other times when I need to perform for a treat (say food, or a room cleaning) I jump awake and make it look like I’ve always been aware of what’s going on.  Truth is I’ve been “resting” most of today.  This is my second burst of energy, and I’m trying to use it wisely.  Basically I’ve been able to sleep most of the day without issue.
Ice Tea Anyone?
You’ve all figured out I’m honest by now, and I don’t really have an off topic topic.  So any guesses what the ice tea reference is to?  Yep, my urine.  Since I’ve been in the hospital I’ve been brewing all kinds of shades.  I think this particular one is related to my chemo, as they said my urine may get darker.  I don’t know why, perhaps it was health class, but I’m trying to drink enough water to have clear urine.  Right now it’s ice tea, I think I’ll set a goal to aim for a light beer  color and go from there.
Thank You!
I received a lot of cards and some great gifts today that definitely help out with my stay.  If I had enough energy, I’d probably cry.  Wonder if those would be tears of ice tea?

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