Saturday Morning Cartoons

I’m in the Hospital.  I Have Leukemia.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, and you’re not quite sure where you are.  That happens to me in the hospital. I  hear a strange noise, or perhaps try to roll over to find Lindsey and I wake up not sure where I am.  I say to myself “I’m in the hospital.  I have leukemia.” and then I lay there for a bit.  I don’t always fall back asleep right away.  Sometimes it’s a quick conversation with myself.  Sometimes it’s a prayer.  Sometimes it’s just time laying and waiting.
One of the things I think about at night and during the day is death to cancer.  I’m going to be a bit selfish and say it is death to my cancer in a lot of my thoughts, but overall I’m 100% in support of the death penalty for all cancers.  With my first round of chemo done, the main goal is to see no more signs of cancer in my next bone marrow biopsy.  Since my body had cancer, and I have a test coming up where I need to show no cancer, my true and sincere hope is that all those little cancer cells die away and get flushed down the toilet.
And the Powerball is
Here are my latest numbers.  For you normal lads and lasses out there, you wouldn’t want numbers this low.  This is the time in my treatment where all my blood count numbers bottom out because as the cancer dies (DIE CANCER DIE) so do my other, healthy, blood cells (sorry fellas).  The numbers I get are in thousands, so when you see 0.6 that is really 600 cells in the count.
WBC – 0.6 (normal 4 – 11)
Hemoglobin – 7.4  (normal 14 – 17)
Platelets – 11 (normal 150 – 450)
ANC – 0.1
Things Are on Track.  Now We Wait.
I hear this every morning from my medical team.  It’s a waiting game.  Everything looks good.  Everything is on track, so we will watch the blood counts and see when they come back up.  I’d much rather be on track than off track, and so far thank the Lord I’ve been good at waiting (I’m usually not).  I have a routine and I’m blessed to not have many side effects.  Sometimes I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Thank you for all your prayers.  To me, there is no other reason that I am feeling ok.  I’ve been told that I will most likely develop a neutropenic fever and mouth sores (they don’t know how much I really sucked those ice chips).  Both are manageable, and my current prayer request is that I would get through each ok.  Well that and DIE CANCER DIE.

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