An Eventful End to the Uneventful

Have you ever blacked out and woken up to a room full of people?  Me neither, well at least until this morning.  First a recap of yesterday.

Shake That Booty
Yesterday was a good day for feeling well.  I didn’t feel all that tired.  Lindsey was here all day for our “date day.”  One of the things I”m supposed to do is walk when I’m able.  Yesterday I walked the unit 3 times and set a personal best since I’ve been here of 7 laps at one time.  It kinda made me think of those professional speed walkers.  I can’t walk that fast, and usually it’s just a shuffling of my feet as I go along, but maybe I’ll shake my butt from side to side every now and then just to show I’m making progress and training towards doing 10 laps all at once.
Food Network
I don’t watch the food network, but I am noticing the food on the shows I do watch.  Because of my neutropenia, I’ve decided to only eat food prepared in the hospital kitchen.  I most definitely appreciate the offer of goodies I receive, but for now I’m not eating anything besides hospital food.  So when I watch a sitcom and they go to a restaurant, I tend to lose track of the plot.  I look to see how big the meatballs are.  How cheesy the pizza is.  Did they just squeeze lemon on their calamari? Mmmmmmmm.  I don’t think I’ll be eating out much when I am released, especially since we have wonderful meals coming, but when I do I’ll be sure to enjoy every bite just a little bit more.
Take One of These and Call Me in the Morning
Thankfully I’ve had zero pain since I’ve been here.  Aside from a phenergan or two, I haven’t taken any meds beside the ones I get per my protocol.  Last night I felt the tiniest twinge of a headache coming on and told my nurse.  Normally tylenol or advil would take care of the trick at home, however they don’t want to mask a fever here so I can’t take those. So what did the doctor order for my twinge of a headache?  Yep, I got some oxycodone.  Must have been a small dose though, as I didn’t really feel anything other than the headache twinge went away.
And the Powerball Is
Since my platelets fell yesterday, I knew my labs this morning would be even lower still.
WBC – 0.5
Hemoglobin – 6.7
Platelets – 8
With my platelets so low, it was time for an infusion. The nurse got everything set up early this morning and the plan was for me to keep sleeping while they infused.   I had already received one infusion of platelets without issue, but as you might have learned from a recent prospectus, past results are no guarantee of future returns.
Hey, Where Did All These People Come From
I did “nap” through most of the infusion of platelets.  The infusion occurs over 15-20 minutes while the nurse watches me and takes vitals.  I was basically all done, when I nonchalantly itched my neck.  I was thinking about how I needed to trip my beard some so it wouldn’t become itchy, when the back of my hands started to itch too.
Itchiness is a sign of a reaction to the transfusion.  My nurse went to grab some benadryl and I patiently waited for the dose to make it’s way through the system of electronic order entry and pharmacy verification that I helped to implement over the years.  I laid still and tried not to scratch.  The itching spread to my legs and as I took the benadryl, my back began to itch.  My nurse went to grab something outside of the room, and I grabbed my phone to text Lindsey.
Hmmmm, this phones a bit blurry, better put on my glasses.  Hmmmm, my glasses are on?  I got off a quick text to Lindsey, and then ever the faithful student of medicine, I asked Dr. Google if blurry vision was a side effect of the transfusion.  I didn’t really get very far, as I decided I should just be a good patient and hit my call button.
I don’t remember actually hitting my call button, but I’m told I did (go me).  The next thing I remember is a different nurse by my bedside trying to wake me up.  I was on my side and then realized I was moaning slightly.  She had wash clothes and was asking how I felt.  I could see the shape of her, but not any details.  Everything was pretty blurry.  I dutifully passed on this information and then blacked out again.
The next time my eyes opened, I was feeling better but there was a lot of commotion.  I had a well trained crew of people in red tops and black pants (and all black shoes) beside my bed drawing blood, wiping down my sweat, and making sure I had fluids running.  I had an attending and resident at the foot of my bed, and a few other people around too.  It seemed to me that no time had passed between the first nurse, and this room full of people but obviously I’d been out for a bit.
Me and 15323AP3423 Don’t Get Along
So the conclusion is that my blood and the particular donor I received platelets from don’t get along too well.  Perhaps we fought on the playground once.  Perhaps I cut in front of her while driving. Or maybe she ticked me off in the checkout lane as she insisted on searching for exact change (this ain’t 1980 lady).  Either way, I’m hopeful this is a one time issue. I will get some additional meds before my next transfusion, and my prayer is that everything goes well.  The doctors seem optimistic that I will be fine next time.
Getting Back to Uneventful
I’ve spent a lot of today resting from the events of this morning.  I had a good breakfast and am starting to feel more like myself.  Although I only felt bad for a little bit, I’m very grateful for everyone who jumped in to help me out.  I should get a transfusion of red blood cells this afternoon.  Here’s to that being uneventful.

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