Are You Feeling Lucky Punk?

It was a good day of seeing some coworkers, walking around the unit, spending time with Lindsey, and seeing family over facetime.

And the Powerball is…
WBC – 0.3
Hemoglobin – 7.4
Platelets – 13
ANC – My ANC might be harder to track down that Osama Bin Laden
If I was a betting man, I’d say I’m getting platelets and packed red blood cells tomorrow.  We’ll see what the results are.  My WBC is obviously still dropping, which is expected.  It may still go lower, but it would sure be nice to see it start to go up.  That will be a sign I can go home sooner rather than later.
South Campus Carolers
I had some visitors this afternoon.  After passing a physical administered by Barbara Few, a select group was allowed to travel to my unit and sanitize the heck out of their hands before they walked in.  We spent some good times together laughing and they also brought some cards and gifts.  I really do appreciate my coworkers.  They are the best!
Thank You!
I appreciated all the cards and posters that were brought over today.  One card in particular had a very generous cash gift in it.  While Lindsey and I live below our means and are financially stable, we are definitely staring down some large medical bills for the end of this year and for my treatment next year.  I am very grateful for the gift as it will help a bunch with our out of pocket costs before insurance starts paying 100%.  Thank you to everyone who has given meals, gifts, cash etc as it has all helped keep us afloat during this time.
Speaking of Insurance
I’m an IU Health employee, with IU Health insurance, receiving care at an IU Health facility.  What good possibly go wrong?  Ya, my case worker laughed at that comment too.  Both times Lindsey delivered at North resulted in calls to the IUH billing department to get our charges fixed.  The people over there always got the issues fixed, but here’s to hoping my bills come right the first time.
My “Luck”y Day
Did I mention I have great co-workers?  I was once again surprised today with an amazing gift.  Apparently the PharmNet/Meds Int team has some pretty good connections.  I received a very nice gift bag from them and inside the gift bag was an official NFL gameball autographed by Andrew Luck!  Yes, Andrew fricking Luck!  Check out the photos link for a picture of me and my new prized possession. I’ve instructed Lindsey to put it someplace very safe and don’t let anybody touch it until I can get a case.  Heck, I felt like I needed some white gloves just holding it myself.
Today’s Gift
Today’s one day at a time gift was another brain teaser.  I’m close to getting it, but not quite there yet.  I think I’ll go back to my spiderman book for now.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Lord, I continue to be amazed at your hand upon me.  It’s scary at times to feel so well, but know that I’m so sick.  Will I be healed?  Or is all this just an illusion.  I trust you, as it’s the only thing I can do.  I am powerless, and you are powerful.  All I can do is say thank you for being with me.  Please be with those who need you.  Please be with Logan and his upcoming surgery.  Please be with my fellow patients, especially the ones who have been here longer than I.  Thank you for the gift of your Son.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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