Game On

I’m writing a little bit earlier tonight because there is an NFL game on.  It’s a nice little dose of normal life in the middle of all this hospital life, so I’m hoping to sit back and enjoy it.

My Drinking Problem
I should have known better than to fall off the wagon.  After my initial foray into the world of GI Cocktail, my addiction has only grown stronger.  It’s as if my stomach is releasing gastric juices just so it can be quenched by the white slime that is GI Cocktail.  Usually I take it after lunch and dinner these days.  Thankfully it does the trick with my heartburn.
Sick or Not Sick?
I think my body is trying to decide if it wants to finally be sick or not.  I developed a mild soar throat earlier today and it seems like one of my tear ducts may be clogged.  Hurts when I press on it.  I don’t have any other symptoms, so we are waiting to see what happens.  May be a little sinus thing going on.  Prayers for my sore throat are much appreciated, as it is harder to drink fluids like this.  I think they may give me some lidocaine to numb my throat so I keep drinking.  GI Cocktail works too 😉
A Christmas Clock Miracle
Dan Evans may or may not have heard about my clocks of assurance post.  Either way, my clock is now fixed.  Actually, the true story is that a coworker simply called over to the hospital to alert maintenance that my clock was wrong.  Seems silly after the staff have told me multiple times they tried to get it fixed, but one call is all it took.  The maintenance man took it off the wall, hit a button and within a few minutes it was right again.  I also told him about a light that was out in my room.  He said he’d come back for that.  So ceiling lights of assurance is my next crusade.
Christmas Via Facetime
Lindsey’s family had Christmas today.  While I obviously couldn’t be there in person, I was able to join the festivities through the wonderful gift of two iPads.  It actually worked out pretty well, as they propped me up on a shelf so I could see the whole room.  I ate some chocolate ice cream while I watched everyone open presents.  I also got to see the girls gets some of their presents and Tucker enjoy pulling on paper.  It’s obviously not the same as being there, but it’s still amazing technology that we didn’t have just a few years ago.  Thanks facetime!
And the Powerball is…
It’s a good thing I’m not a betting man, as I didn’t get any blood products today.  However, I’m almost positive I’ll get them tomorrow.
WBC – 0.3
Hemoglobin – 7.2
Platelets – 11
ANC – Ain’t No Chance
As a reminder, the main number we are looking for is my ANC.  It has to be up to around 0.5 before I can be released.  0.5 is still a really low result, and I will most likely wear a mask outside the hospital and not leave my home much until the numbers recover more.  I receive blood when my hemoglobin drops below 7 and I get platelets when they drop below 10.
My Prediction
Atlanta 24
Detroit 10
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Patience.  If I didn’t have it before, I’d like to think I’m developing it now.  Each new day is a gift, but sometimes it’s hard not to look ahead a bit.  Buy why look ahead?  There are 5 years until I’m cured.  One step at a time.  One day at a time.  One prayer at a time is how I’ll get through this.  So thank you for the lesson on patience.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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