No More Pants

As goes my overall well being, so go my pants.

– Rob Culross
Neutropenic Fever
Last night I got my first fever.  They have been telling me for awhile now that when my counts get so low, I will spike a fever.  I think I got up to 102.7.  They started a worked up that includes blood cultures, urine cultures, broad spectrum anitbiotics, and tylenol.  While I had the fever for most of the night, it has broken now.  I’m feeling tired and run down.  While all that sounds bad, it’s actually quite normal.  Not fun at all, but at least I’m still on track.
My New Career
I’ve decided to become a mime.  No facepaint or any freaky stuff like that, but it hurts to swallow and it hurts to talk.  I’m trying to choose my words carefully and not say too much.  The doc said my soreness is specific to one spot, and I thankfully don’t have bad mouth sores.  Still, it seems to be getting worse.  Because of the chemo the lining in my throat can’t recover like it normally would.  I’m sucking on throat losanges and swishing lidocaine in the back of my throat to help.  Even with the lidocaine it hurts to swallow.  They might start me on some pain meds to help, as it is very important I keep eating and drinking.
Back in My Gown
Because of the fever and sweating, I’ve returned to my hospital gown.   I’m also hooked up to the pump now, which doesn’t work well with a t-shirt on.  So far I think I’ve worn pants a total of 3 days.  I’m looking forward to when I can wear them again.

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