From the Wifey

Rob is not feeling up to writing tonight, so he wanted me to update for him.

Numbers for today…

W 0.3
H 8
P 21
His hemoglobin and platelets were both up today without him receiving any blood products. The nurse said usually these would drop with a fever, so this was a little surprising. Hopefully his bone marrow is starting to recover and this wasn’t just a fluke. Guess we’ll see tomorrow!:)


I got to spend some time with Rob this afternoon. We “watched” football. By watched I mean he laid in the bed and I laid on the couch and we rested our eyes while football was on the TV;). Rob is getting IV dilaudid for his throat, so he is in and out of “consciousness”;). They think he has sores in his throat from his chemo. His nurse told me the pain can get bad enough that people end up on PCA pumps(where the pt has a button to push and the pump gives him pain medicine). Luckily Rob’s isn’t that bad yet and is being controlled by the dilaudid. He’s been getting it along with a lidocaine “drink” before meals and has still been able to eat and drink. It is painful to talk though, so it didn’t bother him that I rested my eyes a lot today:).


They have been keeping a really close eye on his temp today since he had a fever last night. While I was there it was starting to go up a little, so they were staying on top of it with Tylenol.

I can’t think of anything else that happened today. So I’ll try to end with a duck dynasty prayer….

God, thank you for baby Jesus. Help us to focus on him this holiday season. Be with the people who are hurting. May they find peace and strength in you. Thank you for my husband who is so strong and inspiring to us all. Please kill that cancer. DIE CANCER DIE!!! Thank you for another day. Amen.

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