‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

I’m all settled in for Christmas Eve.  Although I’d much rather be home with family, I can’t complain.  I am in a warm place, just ate a hot meal, and will sleep well tonight.  It’s all about perspective.

You Can Go to the Colts Game!
Two good friends of ours have graciously offered to auction off their Colts tickets for the Houston game.  This is the game where Coach Pagano will be back as coach and when (not if) the Colts win they will have prevented Houston from getting the #1 seed.  So if you want to bid on the tickets, and see a great game, use the link below.

The Crappers Full
For those of you who have seen Christmas Vacation, you’ll know what the real quote is.  You know, the one where Eddie is emptying the contents of the crapper into the sewer.  Those contents are normally contained in a septic tank, and now I’ve tied the holidays, a great movie, and my latest issue all together.  I’m septic.
When I got my fever 2 days ago, they took blood cultures and urine cultures.  Sometimes the fever is just neutropenic and they don’t find anything in the culture.  In my case however I’m growing a nice little science experiment of some bacteria.  I didn’t quite catch what it was, but I think the doc said Staph A Pneumonia.  They started me on antibiotics with the fever, so those will continue.  That’s the nice part of being here is that they take everything seriously and hit it with some pretty heavy stuff.  So while it may have take a bit to get treatment if I was at home, they are hitting the bacteria with everything they’ve got.  You know, kinda like giving dilaudid for a sore throat.  Hem/Onc don’t mess around.
Oh Say Can You See
My right eye has had a painful tear duct for the past two days.  The doc thinks it is related to the infection and will clear up.  The problem is today I think some of the drainage is causing issue.  I see a spot in my right eye.  It basically looks like I’m seeing through dirty glasses.  There was talk of an ophthalmology consult, but right now they think the antibiotics will do the trick.
It Finally Happened
I’m not sure how long I can milk chemo brain for, but I think I can use it for awhile.  Throughout my stay I’ve been on and off the Alaris pump.  Right now I get hooked up a few times a day so I can get my antibiotics.  It’s nice when I’m not hooked up, because it means I can move about without dragging a pole around behind me.  Well this after noon I got up to use the bathroom and dutifully dragged my pole with me.  It wasn’t until I was done washing my hands that I realized I wasn’t hooked up to the pole at all.  I had just taken it with me out of habit but could have left it be.  Oops.
The Best Gift This Year
The best gift I could have received this year is you.  If you are reading this, you are going through it with me, and I appreciate more than you’ll ever know.  So thank you for you.  It’s the best gift I’ve ever gotten.
And the PowerBall is…
WBC – 0.3
Hemoglobin – 6.7 (I got blood today)
Platelets – 24 (2nd day they’ve gone up on their own)
ANC – It would take a Christmas Miracle
Of Throats and Fevers
I did have a fever again last night.  I don’t think it got quite as high as my last one, but I definitely woke up drenched in sweat this morning.  Right now my temp is pretty normal and I’m not feeling feverish.  Let’s hope that continues.  I’m also very happy to say my sore throat has been better today.  I’m still taking the dilaudid with meals and supplementing it with lidocaine, but overall it has been better than yesterday.  Praise God!
Signs of The End
I’m not allowed to shower because of my PICC line.  I”ve also learned that sponge baths are a misnomer, because I have seen nary a sponge around.  I do however “clean up” every other day with wash clothes, towels, and soap.  During that time I’ve noticed more and more body hair coming off, although you wouldn’t know it to look at my body.  Today however, we reached a milestone.  I pulled a clump of real hair on my head hair out of the drain.  It wasn’t that big, but I imagine this is a trend that will continue.  Guess we’ll have to update flatrob to also be bald.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father God, thank you for the birth of your son.  Thank you for time with family.  Please be with everyone who is gathering in your name this Christmas.  Let us remember the true reason for this day.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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