Increased Visibility

With the blizzard upon us, it’s a bit harder to see outside, but I’m pleased to report things are becoming a bit more clear inside.

Snow Far, Snow Good
There aren’t many benefits to hospitalization but I’ve thought of one.  It’s impossible for me to get snowed in.  Bring on the 10 foot high drifts, because I’ll still be able to travel just as far as I can on any other day.  Sure the snow could impact the hospital operations, and thus impact me, but I’m defining getting snowed in as the inability to go somewhere you otherwise would have been able to go to, but can’t because of snow.  For me, I am only allowed to go to the doors that divide my unit from the rest of the hospital.  It can snow as much as it wants, and I’ll still be able to get to those doors.  So the the good news is, I can’t be snowed it, although I supposed technically speaking I’m Immunosuppressed in.  Oh well.
Prayers for Lindsey
Lindsey has been doing a great job keeping things up at home and spending a lot of time with me.  She’s been traveling back and forth between home and the hospital every day.  Sometimes multiple times a day.  Today she is at home and not feeling well at all. Thankfully we have friends at the house to watch the kids, but Lindsey is in bed with a fever and not feeling well.  Pray that she gets better.
Christmas with the Kids
It was a good Christmas yesterday.  The kids were able to come see me for part of the morning.  They weren’t quite sure about my isolation mask, but we were able to play and walk around the unit a bit.  I have to get my stamina back, as even a little bit of time was tiring.  Thankfully they were ready for naps as well, so we all returned to our respective beds for a bit of rest.
If I Miss Christmas at Home for a 3rd Time
Yesterday was the 2nd time in my life I haven’t been at home for Christmas.  If there is a 3rd time, I’d rather it be more like the first. In December of 1999 I set out to be a youth counselor aboard the Celebrity Cruise Line Ship Zenith.  I spent three weeks sailing the Caribbean and playing with kids.  I spent Christmas Day in Aruba, floating out in the ocean and enjoying the warm weather.  The hospital just doesn’t quite compare.
Ophthalmology Consult
I’m supposed to get an ophthalmology consult today.  I didn’t get one earlier because of Christmas.  My vision is still a bit blurry in my right eye, so they want to bring someone in to check it out.  I imagine some nice drops will clear things up.  This is really my only remaining issue.  My sore throat isn’t sore anymore, and I haven’t had a fever since Sunday.
And the Powerball is….
Well well well, them numbers are starting to go up.
WBC – 0.5
Hemoglobin – 7.6 (I did get blood yesterday)
Platelets  – 64
drum roll please…
ANC – 0.2
I guess my ANC actually came back yesterday or the day before.  They were just so used to not writing it down, that they didn’t write down the 0.1 result.  So now I’m up to 0.2, and will hopefully keep going up quickly.  A normal ANC is 1.5, but I could be discharged once it reaches 0.5.
Speaking of the “D” Word
This morning in rounds was the first time the doctor mentioned the word “discharge.”  He wasn’t making any promises, but thought that if my numbers keep going up it could be within a few days.  This of course doesn’t mean I’m cured, it just means I’m well enough to fight at home.  It’s not good timing with Lindsey sick, so pray that she feels better and I can be discharged straight to home without an intermediary stop somewhere.

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