Still Confined

I’m still confined to a small space.  Here’s the latest.

NFL Network is Coming to Town
Since this will be coach Pagano’s first game back, there will be quite the to do talking about his battle with leukemia.  The IU Simon Cancer Center is going to be featured in a segment on NFL network on Sunday.  I’m not sure when it will air.  I imagine at some point during the hours before 1pm kickoffs.  It will probably also be replayed.  If you’d like to learn more about where I receive my care, I imagine it will be a good story line.  I would also assume they’ll have an interview with Dr. Cripe.  Dr. Cripe will be directing my ongoing treatments.  Oh, and he’s coach Pagano’s doctor too.
My Friends
I’m not really sure what to call my fellow patients.  Fellow patients sounds kind of funny, so I just call them my friends.  I’ve never met any of my friends.  Sure I’ve seen a few while walking and we’ve said hi, but I’ve never sat down and talked to anyone.  Really, I don’t see a lot of people out of their rooms, and when I do they’re with family.  Still, I’m sure if you got us all in a circle, we’d be friends.  We’d have similar experiences to share, similar battles we are fighting.  I’d probably find someone who has twins or twin grandkids.  As I walk around I see which of my friends have been discharged and which of my friends have come back for more treatment.  There are a couple of friends who have been here longer than I have. Of course I don’t know what they are being treated for, but I pray they can go home soon.
And the Powerball is…
WBC – 0.7
Hemoglobin – 8.0
Platelets – 137
ANC – 0.4
Oh so close!  They’ve said I should have an ANC of 0.5 before they’ll send me home.  I’m not sure why my hemoglobin dropped, but no one is worried about that.  I sure wish I had a dollar for every platelet I had.  And before you think that’s $137, remember these numbers are in thousands so I actually have 137,000 platelets.  Keep clotting guys!
I Probably Should Have Led With This
I’ve mentioned never being in one confined space for so long.  I’m still in a confined space, but it’s a different confined space.  You see, I was discharged at 4:35 pm today.  They felt my ANC would jump up again and there was no reason to keep me in the hosptial.  I’m comfortably confined to the bonus room in my own home.  The kids are still sick so I’m going to stay in this one room until they feel better.  If I need to leave the room, I just need to wear a mask.  It’s good to be home!
Now That I’m Home
Life is a bit closer to resuming.  I’ll probably start working again next week, although not in the office. I get blood drawn on Monday.  I have a follow up appointment with Dr. Cripe on 1/14.  It’s quite possible I’ll be admitted again soon after that appointment, as I’m due up for another round of chemo in January.  I see my eye doctor on 1/17 to follow up on the pre-retinal hematoma and I need to schedule an appointment with my PCP.  Life, which was already busy, will be a bit busier, but I’m just thankful I’m here to live it.

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