Back to the Hospital

I made a return trip to the hospital on Sunday morning.  More on that below.

Neither of the girls can say Tucker.  Sydney says tuh-tuh and Natalie screams out TUCKEEEEE.  That’s one of the joys of being home.  While I was upstairs, but out of my room yesterday I heard Natalie scream Tuckeeee over and over again.  She then laughs out loud as, just like her dad, she cracks herself up a lot.  It’s good to be home.
No Signs of Sickness
Keeping me isolated is working so far.  I have a HEPA filter running in my room 24/7.  Lindsey’s been bringing me my meals and shooting me dirty looks when I say things like “Well now, this is what a marriage should be like.”  I’ve been out of my room a little bit, but sanitizing my hands pretty heavily.
Bath Time
Bath time for the girls has long been mostly a daddy responsibility.  When Lindsey was pregnant, it wasn’t the easiest thing to reach over the tub, and once Tucker came along Lindsey was usually breastfeeding or taking care of him.  It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to be a part of bath time, so last night was special.  I didn’t actually do the baths, but I was there to see the girls splash and have a good time.  Then, figuring this would be as germ free as they’d ever be during the day, I got Sydney out of the tub, dried her off, and played with her a bit.  Natalie joined in the fun too.
Speaking of Clean Babies
Tucker got a bath last night and since he was in fresh germ free jammies, I took the opportunity to give him his bottle.  Did I mention its good to be home?
And the Powerball is…
WBC – ?.?
Hemaglobin – ?.?
Platelets – ???
ANC – ?.?
It’s a little weird to not know what my numbers are.  It’s been a daily part of life for the last 3+ weeks.  I did get labs drawn today, so I’ll pass those numbers on as soon as I know them.  I will have labs drawn each Monday to make sure everything is going well.
Back to the Hospital
I mentioned the other day that the NFL Network would be in town for Coach Pagano’s first game back.  What I didn’t mention is there was a chance I was going to get interviewed.  I was supposed to be one of the inpatients interviewed, but since I was discharged I didn’t think that would happen.  However late Saturday I heard from IUH PR that they would still like for me to be interviewed.  Lindsey and I drove back to the IU Simon Cancer Center and I had a short interview about my diagnosis and my thoughts on coach.  It sounds like the story will air on Sunday the 6th.  I’ll let you know when I know the exact date and time and what station it will be on.

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