Normal body temp is 98.6.  Since things are close to normal, but not quite there, I titled this post 98.5.

Out of Isolation
Everyone seems to be better, or at least as healthy as little kids can get.  I’ve started spending time outside of the one room I’ve been staying in.  Sometimes I still wear a mask, but even that is infrequent.  I haven’t left my house, but it’s good to have the full run of the place.
Back to Work
So what is a guy that feels pretty good but can’t go outside of his house supposed to do with his days?  Thankfully I have a great boss and I’m now working remote.  It’s a little weird to get back in the routine of work, but it’s a good weird.  I’ll also be glad when I can return to the office and see people face to face.
And the Powerball is….
Here are my numbers from Monday’s lab draw.
WBC – 0.9
Hemoglobin – 8.9
Platelets – 192
ANC – 0.5 (stubborn little buggers)
I’ll get my next blood draw on 1/7.  Here’s to hoping my ANC makes the long awaited jump.
A Little Foggy
Overall my vision is getting better.  I seem to have good days and bad days and even good hours and bad hours.  As I type this, I can actually read what I’m typing, which is an improvement over how I was in the hospital.  However there are times where things are a bit blurry.  My right eye is worse than my left, so I wonder if at times my left eye is dominating and my vision clears up.  Then my left eye tires out and things get blurry again.  Hopefully things keep improving.
The Culross Pre-Game Special
Still no word on when the special on Coach Pagano will air, and thus my interview will air as well.  As soon as I know the time, I’ll pas it along.
Now that I’m home, I’m getting to enjoy the delicious meals that people are bringing.  Thank you very much to everyone who is bringing meals. It’s a big help as we juggle doctor appointments, new medical routines, and the difficulties of integrating lifestyle changes with everything.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Dear God, thank you for smiles.  Thank you for the laughter of my children.  Thank you for the touch of my wife.  Thank you for bringing me home.  Please be with my friends who are still patients at IUSCC.  Thank you for the staff there and the care that they provide.  Allow me to enjoy this time.  Sometimes I feel close to normal, close to healed, but then I remember the road ahead.  Please continue to grant me patience and perseverance as I approach my next treatment.  I pray for healing, but will follow you no matter what.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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