A Taste of Freedom

Since I’ve been home, I’ve only been out of the house twice.  Once for the interview and once for my blood draw.  Both times Lindsey chauffeured me around and we stuck to the bare minimum stops.  Today I had a doctors appointment and I went on my very own.  First time I’ve driven a car in a month.

Slow or Stop???
I put my contacts in this morning.  Usually I wear my glasses, but since i was going out, I thought I’d wear my contacts.  I discovered that my vision was a bit more blurry with my contacts.  That wasn’t a big issue until I came to some road construction with a one lane road.  The flagger was dutifully holding his sign.  One problem.  I couldn’t read it.  It either said Stop or Slow, but as I approached I wasn’t sure which one it was.  Seeing that no traffic was coming the other way, I bet on Slow and kept going.  Thankfully I was right 😉
I’ve Never Seen Leukemia Present That Way
I’ve been told it’s never good to be the first or be unique in medicine.  Hopefully the presentation of my leukemia is the only unique thing about it. I had my appointment with my PCP today.  Really it was just to check in, as my care will be directed by my Hem Team (as in Hematology Team).  We were discussing that my abdominal pain was now gone.  The abdominal pain is what brought me in originally and led to my diagnosis.  The unusual part is that leukemia patients usually have pain on the left side due to an enlarged spleen.  All my pain was on my right side and specifically around my gall bladder.  As my doc shook his head he said “in all my years, I’ve never seen leukemia present that way.”  I’ll try not to be unique in the future.
It’s on the Way Home
As “luck” would have it, the Colts Pro Shop was on the way home from my doctor’s office.  I stopped in briefly to look for a case for my football, but alas they didn’t have anything.  I had my trusty pocket sized hand sanitizer with me to ward off any germs.
Speaking of Hand Sanitizer
Even before my leukemia I was a hand sanitizer freak.  Lindsey would make fun of me because wherever we went that had hand sanitizer I would always get some.  Didn’t matter if it was the mall, a restaurant, or just walking around the hospital while I worked.  I love me some hand sanitizer.  In hindsight it’s a very good habit to have.  My Hem Team said I am more likely to get sick by touching something than I am by breathing in something.  I take my pocket hand sanitizer with me when I leave the house and we now have 4-5 pump sanitizers strategically placed inside the house.  Heck, just typing about it makes me want to use some.  Excuse me for a moment.
Neutropenic Fast Food
I’m not allowed to eat anything that’s sat out for a bit or anything that’s been under a heat lamp.  That basically eliminates all fast food.  The only thing I’ve had since I’ve been home is Penn Station.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with Penn Station, it’s basically a sub shop that does hot and cold sandwiches.  They also make their fries fresh.  Since I can have cooked food (aka hot sandwich) and since the fries don’t sit out, I can have Penn Station.  I stopped there on the way home and picked some up.  It was another normal activity for me and it felt nice.
I Got Gas
My last stop during my freedom tour was the gas station.  I grabbed some paper towels out of the dispenser and proceeded to use the pump.  People probably thought I was some sort of germ freak, but there are plenty of freaks at the Meijer gas station so I just fit in.
Another Day in The Books
Other than the above, I spent another day working.  No word yet on when the NFL interview will air.  My mom is here tonight to help out.  Lindsey is scheduled to work tomorrow, so it will be good to have someone else around.  I find that I still get tired during the day and need time to rest.  As my counts come back up, that should get better.  Well, at least until we whack them with another round of chemo.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father, thank you for a good week.  Thank you for the little bit of hair I have left on my head.  Thank you for the gift of friends.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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