Just Another Typical Day With Leukemia

It was another typical day with Leukemia.  You know, I got up, had breakfast, watched myself on national TV.  That kind of day.

Ready for Your Close-Up?
If you haven’t seen it yet, you can see my interview here.  It was fun to watch and I thought they did a great job putting together the story.  I never met Drew while in the hospital, but I was familiar with his name.  I saw it on all my walks, so it’s nice to put a face with a name.  It was interesting to see how the story turned out, as there was actually another gentleman interviewed.  They also interviewed a coordinator for Dr. Cripe’s office.  I imagine that the stories of Drew and I were similar enough that they decided to concentrate there.  It was fun to see what parts of the interview they decided to use and I think they put it all together perfectly.
Weird Beard
I’ve always been a 5 o’clock shadow kind of guy. I could get the closest shave possible in the morning and I’d still have some decent stubble by 5.  When I don’t shave over the weekend, I can grow in a few days what it might take others a few weeks to grow.  That’s why it’s a bit weird to have smooth cheeks (upper cheeks) these days.  I haven’t shaved in 5 days and I still see nary a hair growing.  I suppose I should enjoy not having to shave, but it was a bit of a sense of pride to be able to grow a beard so fast.  Oh well, it will save me a few minutes each morning if I don’t have to dawn the shaving cream to get a smooth look for a few hours.
Speaking of My Last Shave
The last time I shaved really was a razor optional moment.  I didn’t so much shave as I did squeegee the hair off my face.  It was all loose enough that basically it just came out like I had put nare on my cheeks.  That’s an interesting thought…which is worse, chemo or nare on your cheeks?
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
I like 80’s music.  I fondly remember summer days at the pool as 80’s music would blast over the speakers. Wake me up before you go-go was a song by Wham! in 1984.  My own version of this song occurs multiple times a night when my bladder wakes me up before it go-gos.  I’m still drinking a lot of water and for some reason I become thirstier at night, so the timing of my body processing the water leads to frequent half asleep trips to the bathroom.  Thankfully I don’t dream of waterfalls or anything that would cause an accident.  My bladder let’s me know when it’s full and it’s time to go-go.
I’m a little behind on reading my guestbook.  I’ll try and catch up soon.  Thanks again to everyone who leaves encouraging messages.  I read them all and they are a big help.
Blood Draw
Tomorrow is my next blood draw.  It’s really a simple process of getting poked by a needle and then going home.  Still the significance of that little needle prick is not lost on me.  The draw tells me if I continue to get better and it will show if something has gone wrong and I am getting worse.  It’s such a simple thing, yet there is a bit of anticipation going in.  It’s probably the closest I get to worrying about anything.  I wonder what story tomorrow’s blood draw will tell.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Dear God, thank you for a great day with family and for time to rest and relax.  Be with Drew Rariden as he fights his own battle against leukemia.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the interview and story that the NFL Network did.  I hope my words honored you.  Thank you for using me in a positive way.  I don’t know how else to do this but one step at a time because I know you hold my path.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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