Catholics vs Cousins

I heard two humorous descriptions of the Notre Dame vs Alabama match up. The first being Catholics vs Cousins and the other one being The Golden Domes vs the Mobile Homes.  That’s my kind of humor 😉

I Think, Therefor I am (Tired)
If you recall, I’m working from home now.  Even though I sit in my office chair and work on a computer all day, I’m tired by the afternoon.  This thinking stuff can wear a guy out.  In the hospital I could relax and watch some TV.  I’d still be tired, but it was more physical than mental.  Now I’m just tired all around.  It’s 830 and I’m heading to bed as soon as this is done.
And the Powerball Is…
WBC – 1.6
Hemoglobin – 10.2
Platelets – 159
ANC – 0.9
So the ANC is rising.  I guess I’ll be around 1.5 or just under when I have my appointment with Dr. Cripe on 1/14.  I’m guessing that means the next round of chemo is just around the corner.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father thank you for good numbers.  Thank you for good days.  Thank you for a roof over my head and food for my family.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.


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