Back to the Pokey

I’m getting locked up again.  Well, technically I guess the doors aren’t locked, but they frown mightily if you try to go through them.

Addison, I’m Flattered
One of my coworkers has a child in 1st grade.  The 1st grade class made cards for me while I was in the hospital.  They were all decorated as you might imagine a first grade class would decorate.  A few misspellings.  A lot of cards where they ran out of room and kept spelling the word on another line, and then there was Addison’s card.  Addison wished me well and she was sorry I was sick…Addison also wrote her phone number on my card.  Since it’s been some time since I’ve gotten a girls digits, it’s nice to know I still have it.  Alas young Addison, I’m a married man and you’re in first grade.  It’s just not meant to be.
Burst Bubble
I told my coworker about Addison’s phone number.  She burst my bubble and let me know that they are practicing phone numbers in first grade.  Apparently Addison thought my card was homework.  That’s not quite as flattering.
A Call From the Doctor’s Office
I had a message from Dr. Cripe’s office.  I have an appointment on Monday, where I was hoping to get more information on my next steps.  The voice mail mentioned my appointment and then it also said I was getting a port.  Hmmmm…didn’t know about the port.  Guess I should call them back.
A Call To the Doctor’s Office
I called back and had a conversation similar to this:
Me: This is Rob Culross, you left me a voice mail a little bit ago
Stacy: Hi Rob, I was calling about your appointment on Monday.  They have you scheduled to get a port.  Did you know about that?
Me: No
Stacy: Also, after your appointment is over and you have your port, they want to admit you for your next round of chemo.  Did you know that.
Me: No
So there you have it folks, apparently my next round of chemo will start with an admission on Monday.  Glad I found out before my appointment!
Next Steps
After my appointment with Dr. Cripe, I should have a better idea of next steps.  Obviously I am getting admitted on Monday.  I’ll be in the hospital for four days.  I get 4 chemo infusions total.  Two on day 2 and two on day 3.  On days 1 and 4 I get some other meds.  I’ll get discharged after day 4 and recover at home.

At some point after this 2nd round I’ll get my 2nd bone marrow aspiration.  I’m looking forward to that like one looks forward to a swift kick in the junk. It’s a necessary kick though.  That aspiration will tell us if I’m in remission (90% chance) or if I’m not (6%-7% chance).  You mathletes may notice those don’t add up to 100%.  The other 3-4% are those that passed away before the 2nd bone marrow aspiration.  All indications are that I won’t be in that group.  Assuming I’m in remission, I will then continue with 6 additional chemo treatments (1 per month).

A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father God, I’ve got nothing.  My mind is a blank.  Sometimes it’s not about the depth of the conversation, but just about having the conversation with  you.  You know the thoughts that aren’t coming to the front of my mind.  You know the desires that are in the deepest parts of my heart.  Thank you for listening when it seems I have nothing to say.  Thank you for hearing my heart and healing my body.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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