Twas the Night Before Readmission

Ah home, I barely knew ya! This journal entry will be shorter than others because I’m typing it out on my iPad.

All Ahead Full
Everything is all set for tomorrow.  We have someone watching the kids. Paperwork is signed and by the door. My bag is packed with clothes and a generous amount of toilet paper (I’ve actually received a few rolls as gifts since I’ve been home). I’m all ready for chemo # 2!
Friday night was one of those times when none of the kids were happy. It’s times like Friday where I stand in front of them and wave my hands around like I’m the conductor of an orchestra.  I call it the crying orchestra. Migrated, my musicians don’t follow the conductor whatsoever, but it gives me a bit of levity during a trying situation. On Friday night I was thinking that a few days of R&r in the hospital don’t sound too bad.
Warm Weather
Saturday was a good day. I ran to the bank and used the drive thru of course.  I also visited another drive thru and had my first Starbucks in 6 weeks.  Then on the way back home I saw some neighbors outside.  Since it was so nice out I stopped and we chatted for quite some time.  Eventually someone came by with a bottle of wine and we all partook of some liquid refreshment. Without such nice weather this wouldn’t have been possible. Finally I went back home and watched the football games with a friend.  Good times.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father thank you for a good weekend and a good day.  Thank you for safe travel for my family.  Thank you for keeping me healthy while my immune system is suppressed.  Thank you for a great cancer center only a short distance away.  Thank you for another day. Amen.

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