It’s Past My Bedtime

Early to bed and late to rise…that’s my motto as of late.  Oh, and a few naps during the day doesn’t hurt either.

2B is in the Books
I finished up my chemo this past Friday.  Everything was pretty routine except for one little incident.  Well, and they had to poke me twice to get my lumbar puncture done, but otherwise nothing eventful.
One Little Incident
I got my chemo at 2p and 2a.  Typically my nurse will come in just before 2a, I’ll wake up and we’ll begin the process of getting chemo started.  On Friday morning, that is exactly what was happening until my little incident.  The nurse came in, I woke up and turned my head towards him and he flipped on the lights.  The next thing you know, he’s quickly walking to my bed and saying “where’s that blood coming from?”  Well, that’s a mighty fine question.  Considering I’m the only one in the bed, I quickly deduced it was coming from me.  Problem is, it was a rather large puddle of blood and as I checked my nose and other obvious exit points, I couldn’t find the source.  My nurse jumped into action with all the knowledge and skills endowed to him by his red scrub top and black pants.  He quickly concluded that my IV line had separated.  One end was steadily pumping normal saline on the floor, and the other end was slowly dripping blood from my port.  We aren’t quite sure how much blood I lost, but there was a good sized stain in my bed sheets with some blood pooled.  Granted, I didn’t feel dizzy or anything, so it wasn’t so much as to cause a lot of paperwork.
Having identified the source, he cleaned, flushed, and capped my line and I then went into the bathroom to clean up the blood that was on me while he took care of the bed and IV fluids.  Needless to say, we were a little late getting my chemo started that time.
IU Health Owes me a Dollar
A few days after every admission, I get a Neulasta shot to help with my counts.  I show up, I check in, and after about 15-20 minutes I get my shot and leave.  Every Monday and Thursday, I get blood drawn to check my counts. I show up, I check in, and after about 10-15 minutes they draw my blood and I leave.  It just so happened that this past Monday I was due for both my shot and my blood draw.  Unfortunately, much like bleach and ammonia, apparently you should never mix these two things.
I thought I’d be smart and schedule them together so I could just go to one place and be in and out.  About 10 minutes after I checked in, I got my labs drawn and thought I was well on my way to a quick visit.  Somewhere along the way though I think there was some confusion in clinic, as they wouldn’t give me my shot until the lab results came back.  I was both too tired and too mentally dead to argue, so I sat in the lobby and waited and waited.  Eventually, after about 2 hours of waiting I got my shot.  What should have taken 30 minutes or so took a little over 120.  To add insult to injury, since I had been in the parking garage so long, I had to pay $1 to get out.  So IU Health, it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a credit on my next bill,  $1 off my chemo, or an extra buck on my paycheck but rest assured, ya’ll owe me a dollar.
I sleep a lot.  Like go to bed at 730pm, wake up at 9am and take 2-3 naps during the day a lot. All things considered though, fatigue isn’t the worst side effect to have.  Between sleeping a lot and taking a regular dose of phenergan, 2B hasn’t been as bad as 2A.  Now the questions is…was 2A and anomaly, or will 3A and 4A be just as bad.  I guess we’ll see.
April 24th
My next date with chemo destiny is April 24th.  Of course this will be dose 3A.  After I’m done with 3A, then there is only one more A to go.  I like that I’m half way through and being able to count down.  It helps out mentally a lot.  All I need are two more A’s and two more B’s and I’m outta here.  It’s a lot like my last semester of college.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Thank you God for rest.  Thank you for those around me who take care of me so that I may rest and recover.  In a busy world of constant connections let me not forget to take time to rest with you.  Let me not forget that you are my most important connection.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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