Let the Games Begin

I’m all settled in and round 4 of chemo is currently infusing (cycle 2B for those of you on the up and up).

Half Way Through
This round of chemo is an important one.  It’s round 4 of 8, so after it’s done I’ll officially be half way through.  After my last round I was thinking “are you freaking kidding me, I have 5 more rounds to go ?!?!?” But now I can think about how I’m half way through.  About how I’ve gotten through the last 4 months and I just have to do the same thing one more time.  It will be nice to see 4 sessions of chemo in the rear view mirror.
Who Stole My Couch?
The rooms in the cancer center are furnished with a stool, a chair, and a couch. When we entered my room today, Lindsey immediately noticed the couch was missing (I believe this has something to do with the well deserved naps she takes from time to time).  As you might recall, during my first admission my room had a clock that didn’t work for much of my visit.  During another admission, the lights over my bed didn’t work.  I was half joking with a co-worker that I wondered what would be wrong this time…little did I know, it would be the couch!
Nursing to the Rescue
We asked my nurse about the couch and found out the rest of the story.  Apparently one of the couches is broken and being repaired.  They’ve been moving couches around from empty rooms to whatever room happens to be missing a couch.  So my couchless room of B10 now has a couch from B12.  When a patient goes into to B12, they’ll move the couch from another room into B12.  They’ll play this game of musical couches until the unit is full.  Unfortunately the poor soul who gets the last available room won’t get a couch.  Hopefully the couches of assurance program is more successful next month.
Spring Break!
Some people go to Florida for spring break.  Some people go to Mexico.  Some go on cruises and some stay at resorts.  I have a week and a half off from work and I’ve decided to check into an exclusive all inclusive resort for my spring break.  Simon Cancer Center assigns you someone to personally assist you during your stay.  You only need press a single button to have someone immediately answer your need.  You can order as much food as you want and you even have access to drugs (kind of a European thing I guess).  The bed mattress moves to give you a gentle massage and you can only get in to this resort if you have a very specific referral.  Granted, the daily rate is a little pricey, but I guess that’s what you have to pay to stay in the lap of luxury.
What’s Going On
Just to recap what happens, I’m in the hospital for my B cycle.  I receive two different sets of chemo and they are referred to as the A cycle and the B cycle.  I alternate between A and B and this month I am on B.  The treatment plan I am on is called Hyper CVAD.  You can find a quick overview on Wikipedia by clicking HERE.  I should complete the B cycle on Friday afternoon, and then I’ll be discharged to recover at home.
A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father God, thank you for your love.  Thank you that you love each one of us regardless of what we do or don’t do.  Regardless of what we say or don’t say.  Regardless of what we believe or don’t believe.  Your love is perfect and available to all.  Thank you for another day.  Amen.

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