No Admission Today (Most Likely)

Can’t We All Just Get Along?740204
The update this morning is that we are working through some billing code issues.  Apparently we can use IUH Home Care, but the issue now is that Anthem has codes for Outpatient Administration of Blinatumomab but not Home Care administration.  So IUH Home Care is afraid of eating the cost and not getting reimbursed.  They’ve contacted Anthem, but so far apparently aren’t getting through to the right people.  So if you have a good friend at Anthem that could just type in the secret code for my approval, why don’t you give them a call (no really.  Call them right now).

I have been told that I will know my admit date sometime today.  I think if we don’t get home care resolved, then I’ll have to travel to the infusion center every 2 days to have my infusion changed out.  Of course that won’t happen because you just called your Anthem buddy and smoothed everything over for me.  Thanks!  I owe you a beer.

I’ll post another update once I have more info.  For now the only thing you need to do is call your Anthem buddy back and double check they entered the code.

8 thoughts on “No Admission Today (Most Likely)

  1. I love how you try to see the best in situations most of us would see the absolute worst in and be very negative about, and nobody gets anywhere being negative right! Thank you for being such an awesome example and helping me think more positively even when the situation doesn’t seem so positive!! Hang in there, hope that friend of a friend calls that Anthem friend and gets things going for you 🙂

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  2. Rob,

    Dealing with Anthem myself, I can relate that it can be frustrating. The people I talk to are locked into their particular little world and are either clueless on where to go to resolve any issues or unwilling to go out of their way to assist you. I pushed and pushed to get my protocol for the Hep C medication. The more I pressed, the more resistance I received. I wish you the best and pray that you will have a better experience than I had.

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  3. I am very grateful that there is an alternative to Home Care, even though I pray Home Care comes through soon. I guess I just want you and Blinta to bond right away!

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  4. I am doing the HAPPY DANCE!💃
    Someone DID call Anthem right? Someone did get their ok right!? Now keep up the good work at staying positive & we all will continue to pray!!!

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  5. A very great sunny side up is that you have intelligence to process all the information and fight for coverage and treatment best for you. I read each and every post and pray every day for remission, blessings, strength and courage. Life is so full of battles, but why were you assigned this one? Dear Jesus, wouldn’t something smaller scale be more appropriate for this wonderful family. Let’s rally
    in continuous prayer asking for care coverage to fall in place, the big B treatment to B the one, and moving right on to working with the stem cell donor!

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  6. Hi Robbie! Sorry I’ve been a little out of touch. I have been reading all of your posts but haven’t quite made a smooth transition from Caring Bridge to WordPress. If only IUH would upgrade IE, I might be able to read your blog posts more easily! I have had to resort to Firefox, so I can read your posts without the whole site locking up!

    Wondering if your issue with Anthem has been resolved. I reached out to a friend with a connection there, but all I got was the standard “call the customer service number on the back of the insurance card.” I can only imagine how frustrated you are! If you don’t have resolution, let me know. I am more than willing to go picket in front of the corporate office and/or call Rafael at Channel 6! Bull hockey is what I say!!

    Seriously…besides being willing to picket on local, state, and national TV (which I totally am!), I am thinking about you and Lindsey and the kids all the time and sending you my heartfelt thoughts and prayers. I miss seeing your smiling face but appreciate the online photos. I admire your courage so much and know that you will fight your way through this! I’m RobStrong and here for you if I can help in any way! 🙂

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