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I have a pump dedicated to the Blinatumomab and this is taped over the buttons so that no one jacks with it.
I have a pump dedicated to the Blinatumomab and this is taped over the buttons so that no one jacks with it.

Is That Your Blood Pressure, or Are You Just Happy to See Me?
I’m about 11 hours into my Blinatumomab administration and all the serious side effects are non existent.  About an hour into the administration, my BP was up.  Usually I’m borderline hypertensive around 140/80.  However the monitor read 175/96.  I was given and IV med and the BP is back down now.  Dr. Cripe doesn’t think it will be an issue.  High BP runs in the family (thanks mom and dad) and I’ve been on anti-hypertensives before.  I might go on them again, we’ll see.

Day 2 and Day 7
I have a rock star team taking care of me.  Today’s main concern was any hypersensitivity to the drug (side effects that would appear right away).  So far I seem to be on track to not have those.  There is always a potential for side effects to show up, but most apparently show on day 2 and day 7.  Tomorrow is day 2, so we’ll see what happens.  Day 7 will be next Wednesday.  Hopefully all goes well.

The Blinatumomab being started.
The Blinatumomab being started.

Blinatumomab Facts
While reading last night, I learned 2 things about Blinatumomab:

  1. As discussed, the drug works by linking T-cells to B-cells and then the T-cell causes the B-cell to die.  I was trying to figure out if Blinatumomab makes the T-cells work like Honey Bees or African Bees.  They work like African Bees.
  2. I’ve been curious how the heck Blinatumomab got its name and why they can’t just call it something like “Bob.”  I happened upon the answer while investigating the Bee theory.  I didn’t keep the citation, but here is what the study said, Blinatumomab’s name is derived from “B-lineage-specific antitumor mouse monoclonal antibody.”  So there you go. I guess I should be thankful I can just say Blinatumomab instead of the longer version.

The Birds and the Bees
Apparently I need to explain the bee thing.  And the explanation doesn’t involve birds.  As you might know, the honey bee can only sting once.  When it flies away, it leaves behind its stinger and part of its digestive tract.  The honey bee then dies (awwwwww).  An African bee on the other hand can sting repeatedly.  In terms of Blinatumomab, a single T-cell can kill multiple B-cells.  I’m not sure if the T-Cells put little stickers on their sides to keep track of their kills, but I’d like to think they do.

Damn Kids
It’s been confirmed.  I’m not the first person in Indiana to received Blinatumomab.  Unfortunately they cancelled the news crew and took away my fruit basket.  A patient at Riley did indeed receive Blinatumomab.   But I’m still the first patient at Simon and the first adult patient.  And since Simon is south of Riley, I’ll go ahead and claim the status of first patient in southern Indiana.  You’ll want to make sure you keep the details straight.  This might be a question on Jeopardy one day.  Oh, and mom, the news crew and fruit basket thing was a joke.

The 1970’s Called, They Want Their Bed Back
I have an interested bed.  I think it’s original to the hospital.  The mattress is fine and the bed functions, but it creaks when it moves and there are definite rust spots on some of the supports.  A few nurses have noticed and asked “where did that bed come from?!.”  Where indeed.  I’m guessing there’s a sticker on here somewhere that tells me the year of manufacture.  Maybe one day if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll try and find it.

Caringbridge to WordPress
For me, the transition from Caringbridge to WordPress has gone well.  And considering I’m the one with cancer, this seems like a safe measuring stick.  I do realize (now) that you have to have a WordPress account to like a post.  Don’t worry about that.  I may just remove the like button.  I can see a count of how many people have accessed each post, which I couldn’t do on WordPress.  Also, the WordPress integration to Facebook seems to be better as I get a lot of traffic from Facebook.  I can also see countries where people are from. Or at least the countries they are bouncing their IP to to avoid the NSA.   Who knew I had people reading in Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Aruba, and more.

And the Powerball Numbers Are:
They expect my counts to go down eventually, but my whites and platelets actually went up.  I may also see my counts go up somewhat because I received Dexamethasone earlier today.

7/15/2015: WBC 1.4, Hemoglobin 9.2, Platelets 97
7/16/2015: WBC 1.5, Hemoglobin 8.9, Platelets 101

Anthem Acquiesces
Acquiesce might not be the right word.  It’s quite possible once Home Care got a hold of the right person that Anthem gladly approved my Home Care.  However, I’m all about alliterations, so I went with acquiesce 🙂  I don’t know the details of the approval, but I did receive an email this morning form my nurse coordinator saying I am all approved for Home Care through IUH!

You might recall that my Uncle Jim got a new liver in June.  Today he brought it by to show me.  Well, not physically show me (or is that an option Jim?).  But he had his clinic visit today and he and my cousin Michael stopped by for a visit.  It’s always good to see family.  Not always good when family sees each other because they both have serious medical concerns, but still good to see them.  Aunt Marquita is on a girls trip and couldn’t make it.  Uncle Jim should be back next week for another visit, so we’ll get to see each other again.

A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father, I thank you for a good day.  I thank you for no major side effects.  I pray the drug is actively killing B-cells as it courses through my body.  As I read more and more about the drug, I become more grateful that it exists and more thankful that it has a good chance of working.  Remission is the goal.  SCT is the next step.  I ask both of these things in your name.  Thank you for another day.

9 thoughts on “Sofa SoGood

  1. Great to hear that our prayers are being answered today about your side effects! Will keep it up. And sorry to hear about your loss of 15 min of fame as the “First”. Hopefully the B drug will be the first drug they’ve given you that truly, truly knocks the leukemia out of your body! That would be a great first to celebrate!

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  2. You go rob. Prayers for you with no horrible side effects and for Lindsey and the kids that they don’t have any either. Lol. Stay strong!!! God is with you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for getting to read about another day!! I’m so happy there have been no serious side effects and your care team is amazing. Warm and constant healing thoughts!! Mel
    …and always hugs to all!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Prayers were answered for your first day! GrEaT! Of course…I see there is another post after this one. Happy that you are doing well, Mr. Culross. P.S. I would gladly post to your sight from Aruba!

    Liked by 1 person

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