Well Hello There Justin

Brought to You by the Letter B (Bieber and Blinatumomab)IMG_0976
Well things changed over the last 2 hours.  My temp rose to 37.2, then 37.3, then took a jump to 38.3 (100 F).  At that point we started the neutropenic fever protocol.  The fever is most likely due to the Blinatumomab, but they just want to be sure there is no infection.  So we did Cultures x2, gave tylenol for the fever and I’m currently receiving Cefapime (antibiotic).  I’ll also get other strong antibiotics until the cultures are confirmed to be negative in 2 days.  No chills or any other symptoms.  Just the Bieber fever.  Fever occurred in up to 70% of patients (depending on the study) so this is quite normal.  Also the side effects have no impact on the effectiveness of Blinatumomab.  As long as I keep receiving the drug, it will keep working.

I am started to feel a bit more tired.  Insomnia can be a side effect of Blinatumomab and I also had 20mg IV of a steroid this morning.  It will be interesting to see if I fall asleep easily or not.  I have my trusty trazadone to take, but maybe I’ll ask for a Lorazepam chaser for good measure.  Night all!

7 thoughts on “Well Hello There Justin

  1. No not the B word!! that is not gonna be allowed. I hope that this will be the only side effect you have and that you will be able to rest easy. and kick this in the $¡¤. prayers to you my friend.

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  2. Okay. A fever. You can do a fever standing on your head! Praying for coolness in your temperature and cultures that are NGT. Happy we have antibiotics and that you have such a lovely choice of night time drugs! Praying constantly

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  3. Hopefully you had a good nights rest. Take a rest whenever you can and listen to your body. It will tell you! And the fever…..man if that is all you have to deal with I will be ecstatic. Praying that you remain symptom free or at the very least a mild reaction. Praying that the “Bs” win out soon and that you can move forward with the SCT.

    Wish I lived closer…..maybe Kris and I can facetime again soon!

    Love you with all my heart
    Aunt Liz


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