You (and All Your Friends) Need a #Robstrong T-Shirt

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#Robstrong T-Shirts 
Want to get your Christmas shopping done early?  Would you like to avoid multiple stores?  Do you need an outfit you can buy for your entire family so you match in your next family photo?  Look no further!  For a limited time, you can buy a #Robstrong t-shirt.  My fabulous co-workers in the hc1 marketing department have designed 2 #Robstrong t-shirts.  They look basically the same, but one has Romans 12:12 on the back.  The ordering deadline is August 14th, however there may be a 2nd order placed.  The link below will take you to the hc1 store, where you can buy a t-shirt.  You can look at the descriptions to see which shirt has Romans 12:12 and which shirt doesn’t.

The shirts are $20, and all proceeds will be sent to Lindsey and I.  You have a few options for shipping:

  1. You can pay to have the shirt shipped directly to you.
  2. You can enter Robstrong into  the discount box on the checkout page and your t-shirt will be shipped to the hc1 office  free of charge (near 96th and Zionsville on the northwest side of Indy).  You would then need to pick up the t-shirt.
  3. You can enter Robstrong into the discount box on the checkout page and then let Lindsey or me know you ordered a shirt and what size (via email, facebook, comments on here, etc).  The shirts will be shipped to hc1 free of charge and we’ll have your t-shirt brought to our house so you can pick them up from one of us.

Thank you to everyone who will buy a shirt!  Now that marketing has supported the #Robstrong cause, let’s see if Product and Dev can put a #Robstrong Easter Egg into hc1 code.  Just kidding Brad! (Brian and Jason, I bet you can totally pull this off.  Go for it!)

Buy a t-shirt here >>>>> <<<<< Buy a t-shirt here

My Basilic Veinp0462basilic
My PICC line is inserted into my basilic vein.  If you’re like me, before I ever had a PICC, I couldn’t tell my basillic vein from my….well, actually I don’t know the names of any other veins.  But the basilic is a vein that runs through you arm.  I  bring this up because I’ve had 2 PICCs inserted since June.  They were inserted by 2 different nurses.  And both nurses complemented me on how big my basilic veins were.  Now in no way is the size of one’s basilic vein related to the size of ones, um, feet.  But there is something psychological about people telling you you have big veins that makes you walk out of the procedure room walking a little taller.

Do the Jitterbug
Over the last few days I’ve gotten a little jittery.  It’s not too bad, but you can definitely see a tremor in my hand and sometimes my body.  Tremors are a common side effect of Blinatumomab, so this isn’t unexpected.  However, neurological side effects are watched a little more seriously since Blinatumomab is a neurotoxin.  What starts off as tremors could escalate into more serious side effects.  Actually, if the tremors get bad enough, those by  themselves would be reason to stop my infusion.  So here’s to small tremors that don’t turn into big ones or anything else.

Me and Larry (and Lindsey, Neda, and Stacey)
Today was a clinic day.  Still have issues getting my hub rubbed, but everything else went well.  Dr. Cripe continues to be pleased with my blood counts and lack of side effects.  He asked about the tremors and definitely said it’s something we want to keep an eye on.  Other than that, everything is status quo and we will see Dr. Cripe next week.

Some Important Dates
At the clinic visit, we also set some important dates.  I will stop taking Blinatumomab on 8/13.  On 8/24 I will have another Bone Marrow Aspiration.  This BMA will tell us if I am in remission, or at the very least if the leukemia in my bone marrow has been greatly reduced.  No matter the outcome of the BMA, I will start a 2nd cycle of Blinatumomab on 8/26.  If I am in remission, we will start the SCT process and stop the Blinatumomab as soon as we are ready to admit me for the SCT.  If I am not in remission, I will complete the full 2nd cycle of Blinatumomab and have another BMA.  Most people achieve remission after the first cycle, so that will be a key milestone.  However, all of the studies had at least 2 cycles so that’s why I will have a 2nd cycle even if I am in remission.

And the Powerball Numbers Are:
Things are heading up.  Actually, we are changing how often I have CBCs.  Right now I have them drawn every other day.  However, since my counts are looking good, we will only draw them on Wednesdays (at least until I start cycle 2).

8/3: WBC 1.4, Hemoglobin 9.8, Platelets 177
8/5: WBC 1.7, Hemoglobin 10.6, Platelets 188

I was curious about my platelets because while I was in remission, my platelets were never this high.  They started out around 160 and at the end of my remission, my platelets were consistently in the 130’s.  Dr. Cripe said after my bone marrow has been supressed (either by leukemia or the treatment of leukemia) my bone marrow might overshoot the number of cells I need.   before settling at a lower number.  My platelets may keep going up, but most likely they will come down a bit from whatever their peak is.  So we’ll see how high they get, and that is good to know so I don’t freak out if they drop a little.

A Duck Dynasty Prayer
One day at a time God.  Easier said than done.  I’m glad for the comfortable spot I am in.  I am home.  I am getting treatment.  And I have limited side effects.  However, I can’t live this way forever.  At some point I would reach the limit of Blnatumomab.  At some point the leukemia might resist the drug.  At some  point, I’ll go crazy sitting around the house.  I thank you that I have dates when things will either move forward or move sideways.  Help me to continue to see one day at a time.  Help me to continue to be calm in this process.  I trust you with my life and I ask in your name that my life last for many more decades to come.  Thank you for another day.

15 thoughts on “You (and All Your Friends) Need a #Robstrong T-Shirt

  1. Got a shirt, praying and love u and ur family…hang in there my friend…we missed u at the reunuion but there will be another in 5 years..
    Be there!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nephew, there are no words I can use to tell you how I worry about your current journey and future. No words to express that these days I rarely pray but put you as focus in my prayers. There are times I simply say, “Please God, let my nephew be healthy and grant him permanent remission.” I guess that in itself is a prayer. Anyway, I will simply say this, I guess.

    I love you. With my whole heart.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I noticed that your anatomical diagram is signed by F. Netter. I recognized the name from the excruciatingly detailed medial diagrams of male and female anatomy in my urologist’s office. That guy has a good eye.

    Thank you, God, for turning millstones that want to drag us to the bottom of the ocean into milestones that give us a sense of accomplishment, and of hope. Amen.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Happy for the update and happy that you are doing well! Praying for your tolerance of the drug, for calmness and patience, and that you keep your sanity. You are in my prayers, always, Mr. Culross!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good to hear from you and glad you are doing well. Can’t wait to sport my Rob Strong TShirt up here in Muncie at Ball. Praying for God’s blessings for you and your family.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Rob, my prayers are with you and the family. I am all over getting that tshirt today. Anything to help a dear friend, not mention if you remember how close the leukemia is in our family. Do you still have those bracelets too??

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I have continued to follow your up dates Rob and find them educational and entertaining and most of all a marvel that you remain so positive! You are doing a GREAT job of staying that way! I keep you and the whole family in my prayers daily! I have let life get in the way some days so not so many responses from me in the comments but know I am reading and praying always! You got this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad things are progressing as well as can be expected…praying for remission results on 8/24…keep up the great work.

      Ordered our t-shirts today…..can’t wait to wear them along with my bracelet and pin we made when your were first diagnosed. Hopefully people have brought those out and are wearing them and everytime they see that ribbon they send a prayer heavenwords.

      Your relatiionship with God is such a testimony to all of us. Your trust in God and your openness are amazing….

      Love you dear nephew
      Aunt Liz

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hey Rob,

    I am continuing to pray for you and your family. The shirt is cool. The verse is excellent: Romans 12:12 – “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer ‘. I look forward to seeing that Easter Egg Jason mentioned in hc1 and seeing you in remission. Talk to you soon.

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  8. I am so thankful to God—–you are home with your family, your tremors, although present, are minor, Blimatumomab is doing its job, and dates are scheduled for more information to be discovered. I can’t tell you how proud I am of you and Lindsey for leading us in strength, faith, and in constant prayer. One more week of Blimatumomab, and then a respite. I love your humor, your precious smile, and most of all I love that you are my son, with a big basillic vein!!! Ordering t-shirts now!!

    Liked by 3 people

  9. So I just ordered three more shirts, 2 XS and a M. Silly me when I ordered the other night, I totally forgot about the kids! When they heard there were “Uncle Rob” robstrong tshirts, they were all “did you get us one?!!” Kailey is already planning to ‘puppy tail’ hers since it might be a little big:-) and wear it so school! Your nephews and niece want to support you in any way they can❤️
    Love you, little brother and praying for remission, no fevers, diminishing side effects and increased energy for you continually.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. PS- I again used the Robstrong free shipping discount, so the total order I will pick up from you and Lindsey is :
    2 XS
    1 S
    2 M
    Looks like the 5 Pittmans will have matching outfits for our next family picture! Maybe we could be considered to star in a commercial for the Robstrong shirts 😉

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