All Good Things Must Come to an End

Tucker and I up high on the Ferris Wheel at the State Fair
Tucker and I up high on the Ferris Wheel at the State Fair

Back to Cancer
It’s been a good run and we were able to do a lot of things, but #cancercation has ended.  I’ll post some highlights over the next few days.  It definitely felt like a vacation in many ways.   I spent a lot of time with family and no time with anything cancer related.  Unfortunately as this vacation ends, I don’t get to go back to work, I have to go back to cancer.

Tomorrow morning we will wake to excited twins as the girls have their first day back at pre-school.  They’ll don their backpacks and talk excitedly about seeing their friends and teachers.  We will drop them off at pre-school and then drop Tucker off at Grandma Jane’s.  Then Lindsey and I will head to Simon Cancer Center for my 9:45 am appointment.

I will have labs drawn, speak with Dr. Cripe and then he will perform my BMA.  We will either find out I am in remission (and then on to a partial cycle of Blinatumomab and SCT) or I am not (and then on to a full cycle of Blinatumomab and another BMA).  Dr. Cripe said we could stay in clinic until the results are available, so we will stick around for a few hours and wait.  We’ll consume ourselves with iPhones and Facebook and text messages and Internet and anything else while we wait.  And then we will get the results and we will know the next steps.

Keep an eye on your Facebook and email folks.  I’ll post once I know something.

A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Father God, there are many times in life where there is nothing more we can do.  No thought or action on our part will change the course of where we are going.  We can only rest in you and the knowledge of your love and grace.  Tonight I am there God.  I have no more left to do or say.  No more bags of medication to change.  No more pleas for remission.  You have heard my voice.  You know my heart.  You’ve seen all that I have to offer.  Now God I rest.  Hold me in your arms.  Keep me close.  Sing me to sleep and let me rest.  Let me dream peaceful dreams until I wake.  And then God we will face the day together.  Whatever may come.  Side by side.  Step by step you are with me.  Today, Tomorrow and every day.  God, thank you for another day.

18 thoughts on “All Good Things Must Come to an End

  1. Praying for you constantly this morning that you and Lindsey will “just be held” by our loving God as you go through this morning’s appointment, BMA procedure and the waiting that follows. Love you both and praying on your behalf for remission💜.
    Robstrong all the way!

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  2. Resting in God’s arms is the very best place you could be. What a blessing you have been blessed with to be able to do that. Later, when other kinds of life’s challenges come, you will remember that you have this blessing to draw on, and it will be your greatest strength. But for now, victory is already yours.

    Love, Uncle Claude

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  3. Oh Dear I will keep you in special prayers this morning for as easy as possible testing and the BEST news imagined and prayed for! Will be checking in often to hopefully see GREAT news! Hope the girls have a ball today and will be full of stories later I am sure!

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  4. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him… Romans 15:13

    Praying for remission and for wisdom and perserverance to move forward with God’s will!

    Love and hugs to you and Lindsey! And how exciting for the girls!!!!!! Can’t wait to see pictures..And Tucker man I am sure will be spoiled rotten by Grandma James. That is her job…lol

    Aunt Liz

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