Remission Rob

This is what complete remission looks like :)
This is what complete remission looks like 🙂

A Good Morning
The morning started off with the normal routine of getting people ready.  We dropped the girls off at pre-school and Grandma Jane took Tucker.  With much anticipation, Lindsey and I then headed to Simon Cancer Center.

We arrived at our appointed time, waited a bit and had labs drawn.  We went back to the waiting room and then the tech announced “Dr. Cripe is running 45 minutes behind.”  So we waited some more.  Eventually we got back to the BMA room….and waited some more.  Finally Dr. Cripe was able to come in and perform the BMA.  After all was said and done, Lindsey and I went to the coffee shop and then came back up to the consult room to wait on results.

The Consult Room
We were in the same consult room that I was in when I found out I had relapsed.  Back then, on June 3rd, I was feverishly typing on my laptop.  Arranging coverage at work, notifying people of the relapse and preparing to update my caring bridge.  This time was more relaxed, albeit with more anticipation.  We were waiting on the news that would determine the next course of action.  And then the door opened…

It was the nurse.  Just checking to see if Dr. Cripe had come in yet.  Of course he hadn’t, but we knew it would be soon.  Lindsey put her phone down and grabbed my arm.  The moment becoming more real for both of us.  We waited a few more minutes and finally the door opened.  Before it closed, Dr. Cripe uttered the words we wanted to hear, “You are in complete remission.”

On to SCT
It would be nice if this was it.  If remission meant that treatments were over.  That I could go back to work.  That I could do the normal family things.  But what it means is I’m on to SCT.  The transplant team will be contacted today and things will go in motion.  I should be hearing soon what the plan is and meeting with the transplant doc, Dr. Nelson.  I will still be admitted on Wednesday to start the 2nd cycle of Blinatumomab.  Stay tuned for more information and I’ll of course be posting the #cancercation recap at some point.  Until then, thank you God for this remission!  And leukemia, you can kiss my ass.

63 thoughts on “Remission Rob

  1. Oh, my word I love this!!!!!! Rob, I’ve been thinking and praying for you guys nonstop; look for your posts daily. I also love your last sentence!!! Keep on Rob and your family. Deb Draper

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  2. Thanks to the Lord!!! We have been thinking of and praying for your family, so glad that our prayers have been answered!!

    Your cousins from CA,
    Bill, Lynette, & Diane Holly

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