On the Mend

Coming out the Other Sidebutterfly-emerging-from-chrysalis
Oddly enough, the title of this section isn’t a reference to any sort of bodily function.  It’s just a state of where I’m at.  I’m on Day +12 now and have made it through what should have been the worst of it.  I last wrote a week ago, which seems impossible to me.  Not because time has been flying by as I’ve had so much fun,  but just because I’ve been concentrating on the daily accomplishments so it’s hard to believe 7 days have gone by.

My lips are severely cracked and the cracks filled with blood.  You can see some  blood on my tooth and the "nose plug" in my left nostril.
My lips are severely cracked and the cracks filled with blood. You can see some blood on my tooth and the “nose plug” in my left nostril.

Dry Mouth and Mouth Sores
The biggest improvements have come on the side effect front.  As expected the mouth sores were the worst.  Along with that came dry mouth.  Not “my mouth is dry” but instead “my mouth feels like the desert and sand is being moved around inside of it.”  I was breathing through my mouth a lot because my nose was plugged up.  The cells inside my mouth were dying off because of the chemo and radiation.  Plus I couldn’t produce new cells as my new stem cells were still en-grafting.  That led to a few days of me trying to suction dead skin cells out of my mouth while wetting it with ice and an occasional popsicle.  Not fun at all.

I’m not sure I technically got up to grade 4 mouth sores.  There are 4 grades, as told to my by my Nurse Practitioner.  Grade 1 is redness in the back of the mouth.  Kinda like a normal sore throat.  Grade 2 is the beginning of the mouth sores being visible.  Grade 3 is an increase in the amount of sores and the possibility that some have opened.  Grade 4 means the sore have opened and you are taking heavy doses of IV medication to keep the pain under control.  I definitely took IV meds, but didn’t really have that many open sores. In the most severe form of Grade 4, the sores bleed into your airway and you have  to be put on a ventilator.  Thankfully it didn’t come to that.

My Hannibal Lecter pose when my nose wouldn't stop bleeding.
My Hannibal Lecter pose when my nose wouldn’t stop bleeding.

How to Stop a Bloody Nose  
I’ve had my share of bloody noses in my lifetime and most end with some kleenex wadded in a nostril.  Not this time around.  There was a brief period of time where Zach (Lindsey’s brother and the 2nd funniest person in the family) thought I had a resemblance to Hannibal Lector.  I had a nose bleed that just wouldn’t stop and when you have one of those they send the ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doc after you.  The ENT doc being a specialist in the nose really knows what the full limits of that body part is.  Thus my eyes got rather wide and my schpincter tightened a bit when he pulled a piece of guaze the side of Rhode Island and calmly said “I’ll put this in your nose and that will stop the bleeding.”  No joke, because he was litterally usuing a piece of metal to shove every last bit in.  To his credit, that nostril never bled again, but dang I don’t want to do that again.

And the Powerball Numbers Are:
You’ll see a jump in my platelets.  This is because they were maintaining me at at least 10 platelets.  However with the nose bleed they began maintaining me at 50 and now at 30 (aka, I’ve received A LOT of platelets lately).  This is the hard part because we are simply waiting for my white count to come up.  No telling when it will.  No way to monitor if it is other than daily lab draws.  So when they write the numbers on the board in the monrning, it’s kinda exciting.  You know, like when the ping pong balls would pop up for the Powerball drawing.

10/22/15 (Day +6): WBC 0.2, Hemoglobin 10, Platelets 15
10/23/15 (Day +7): WBC <0.2, Hemoglobin 9.6, Platelets 8
10/24/15 (Day +8): WBC 0.2, Hemoglobin 9.1, Platelets 42
10/25/15 (Day +9): WBC 0.2, Hemoglobin 8.8, Platelets 59
10/26/15 (Day +10): WBC 0.3, Hemoglobin 7.8, Platelets 29
10/27/15 (Day +11): WBC 0.4, Hemoglobin 8.1, Platelets 35
10/28/15 (Day +12): WBC 0.4, Hemoglobin 7.8, Platelets 23

A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Tonight God I press on.  Not because I have aleady taken hold of it.  But I press on for what you have called me to be.  Forgetting what is behind me and reaching for what is ahead.  I press on.  Thank you God for being by my side as we press on together.  Thank you for another day.

15 thoughts on “On the Mend

  1. Oh Rob! I will be so glad to see you tomorrow, and to just be there with you. What trials and tribulations you have endured; what incredible abilities you have to endure pain, pain, and more pain. I pray that each new day brings you more relief, more joy for the new day, and more strength to realize “you are getting through the rough part,” and God is with you always!!! Love you so much!

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  2. My dear nephew. I know what a trooper you are but bless you for enduring such trauma to your body. You are climbing a steep hill but as you have testified it is God at your side that gives you your strength. I pray that you will continue to get over the bumps and that better days,are close at hand. Keeping you and Lindsey and the kids in my prayers.
    Hugs and kisses
    Aunt Liz

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  3. I don’t know why the ENT didn’t just use a tennis ball. Too small, maybe. While all these extracurricular activities are going on in full view, I pray that all the good things that your life depends on are going on inside. I pray that your body will adopt your new stem cells, embrace and cherish them. I pray that they feel energized to “Be fruitful and multiply”, to go forth to occupy their new land, and have dominion that is so critical to your future health. Love, Uncle Claude

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  4. AW Rob I was getting worried (more than usual for this old lady) so contacted your Momma! I too am glad you seem to be on the upswing! Praying for those Stem Cells to go forth and multiply! God Bless the donors of all those platelets you are receiving. My hubby & I used to do that in our younger years. His veins are easy, mine not so much! The ladies drew straws to see who was unlucky enough to have to stick ME! BUT I was worth it I gave double! LOL! I still look like a past druggie with old track marks! OH WELL! It was so worth it to help someone out! Anyway keep up the good work or getting through the days. That bit about the nose bleeds, makes me think I am not sure when i get my next one I will think about going to see an ENT person! YIKES! Hang in there Rob! MANY MANY people keeping you and the whole family in their thoughts and prayers!

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  5. So good to see a post from you. You’ve been in my prayers and thoughts every day. Last night prayer was lifted up for you at our church board meeting. You have climbed a very high mountain on this battle against the Big C. My prayer for you is that the promised land of good health is just ahead. God Bless You.

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  6. Well I don’t know why this post made me cry, but it did.

    Just wanted to let you know that a little North of Indy in Podunk, USA, we are still praying for you.

    May you feel His tangible presence and may you rest in His arms today. God Bless you Rob .

    Jim and Amy B.

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