It’s Good to Poop in Your Own Pot
Sorry to leave you hanging last night, but I was officially discharged at around 2pm Monday.  I am definitely more tired at home, but that is because I mainly laid in bed in the hospital.  One thing I’m thankful for is that I don’t have to poop in that damn hat.  There’s just something wrong about someone else collecting and measuring your output.  The kids and I have had good times together.  They know to wash their hands and forearms before touching daddy.  Tucker kept asking when I’d wake up this morning so he could have a hug.  And of course, Lindsey continues to be the rock of the house.  Keeping things clean and moving along.  I’ve slept A LOT since being home, but today was better than yesterday.  I imagine tomorrow will be better than today.  One step at a time.  This will be a short post because I’m heading to bed.  Have a great night!

15 thoughts on “Home!

    1. Awesome Rob – so thankful you are home and with the family again! It will be more exhausting but emotionally so much more rewarding!!! Prayers for speedy recovery and continued strength for your amazing wife!

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  1. So awesome to be able to picture you at home instead of in your hospital room!! I love that precious nephew of mine and can just hear him asking when you will wake up so he can get a hug from Daddy! Love those twins nieces of mine too– can’t wait to see them all again and hear their versions of your homecoming!!

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  2. Oh, Rob, I’m so happy for you and your family. May this be a foretaste of blessed family times to come. May your days be filled with the fulfillment of family. I can’t help but think of the good life lessons your kids are learning about perseverance, not being afraid that any problem is too bog, doing the right thing, helping others, trusting in God, and many others. And I’m sure the rest you get at home will be better for you, just because you have the people you most love around you that give you that unique feeling of completeness. God bless you and your family in the days ahead.

    Love, Uncle Claude

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  3. SO HAPPY to read this!!!! WELCOME HOME!! Happy you have Lindsey to keep on top of everything for you and the kids! God Bless you Lindsey! Keep up the great work and the wonderful attitude! Can’t wait to hear the new numbers!

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  4. Welcome home! I kept wondering when I saw nothing on FB and here, so it was my first question to Michelle the next morning if you made it! So thankful you can be near the ones you love. That alone will help you heal! I’m praying specifically for the kids that they remain germ free so you can remain well!

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  5. I remember when Ardis was able to come home — such a HUGE blessing…for everyone!!! 25 years later, we now celebrate with you and your family. God is SO good!

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