Ups and Downs

My Appointment on Monday 12/14
I kept my weekly date with Dr. Nelson on the 14th.  He was pleased with my progress and happy to see that the cold I had the previous week was getting better.  He said this is a sign of a healthy graft as my counts are stable and I didn’t end up in the hospital because of the cold.  Apparently around 50% of people in my situation end up admitted.

The other big news of the visit is that I graduated from having weekly appointments to only having to go every other week.  This helps a lot as I don’t have to get my butt to clinic every week.  It will also trim the costs a little bit as my OOP resets on 1/1.

Lindsey Down Lindsey Down!
The other thing that happened on 12/14 is that Lindsey became sick.  Seeing as she’s the one who holds this whole thing together, this wasn’t a good thing.  She stayed quarantined in an extra bedroom for the next day and a half.  Thankfully the grandmas were able to help out, as I wasn’t going to make it all day.  The sickness lingered a bit, but thankfully she was able to be out of the bedroom on Wednesday 12/16.

2 Weeks or 2 Days, What’s the Diff
White ceramic toilet isolated on a white background with clipping path.As I mentioned, it was a good thing she was a bit better on Wednesday, because then it was my turn for the illness.  I’ll spare you the details of which end it was coming out of (it was both), but suffice to say I was definitely sick.  Meeting the call in criteria for both vomiting and diarrhea, I called the clinic and was able to go in in the afternoon.  They gave me a liter of fluids and some IV Phenergan.  Both helped and the vomiting subsided.  Lindsey picked me up and home I went.

I Lost a Day
December 17th, 2015 is a day I will never remember.  I’ll never remember it because I basically slept through it.  After going to bed around 7p on 12/16, I didn’t get up until 6p on 12/17.  And that was only to drink some water and eat some crackers.  After about 15 minutes, I headed back to bed and didn’t wake up until the next morning.  Thankfully that rest is what I needed to beat the bug.  My stomach is still a little touch and go a week later, but I’m a lot better at retaining fluid and meals.

My New Jeans IMG_5746
I mentioned that I have been losing weight since the SCT.  Today I hit a milestone.  I weighed 199.8 (down from about 245) this morning.  I can’t remember the last time my weight started with a “1”.  Maybe in California.  Definitely in college.  All my jeans are size 38″ in the waist because that’s what us big boys wear.  Back in the day they were just called husky jeans.  Those 38’s sagged down my waist and easily fell off.  Even with my belt on the very last notch I never had to unbutton my jeans.  I could simply slide them on and off at will.  So after I went out the other day and came back with the butt of my jeans down to my knees, Lindsey decided I better get a new pair.  Gone are the 38″ waist and now I’m in some 34’s.  They are a bit tight, but I think they’ll either loosen up, or I’ll shrink some more.  Probably both.

Cards and Presents 2015-12-23_2018
Thank you to everyone who has sent a card.  It’s crazy to walk out to the mailbox each day and come back with 8-10 cards.  We have so many that we are actually behind in hanging them up.   Also a big thank you to my hc1 family.  Corry the Elf delivered a present from hc1, a gift basket and a box full of cards that people had decorated in the office.  And yes Derrick, I read every one of them.

And the Powerball Numbers Are:
My numbers have been rather ho-hum but took a big jump on the 16th.  I’ll be back in clinic on the 28th, so I’ll be interested to see if they go back down or if they stay up a bit.

12/03/15: WBC 2.8, Hemoglobin 9.2, Platelets 107
12/07/15: WBC 4.1, Hemoglobin 9.5, Platelets 108
12/14/15:  WBC 3.3, Hemoglobin 9.8, Platelets 107
12/16/15:  WBC 7.4, Hemoglobin 11.2, Platelets 154

A Duck Dynasty Prayer
Thank you God for the gift of your Son.  Thank you for friends and family and the blessing of time together.  Thank you for relative health and being home for Christmas.  Thank you for another day.

14 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. So glad you and Lindsey were not down too long! Merry Christmas!!! And you should feel honored. I sent only one card out this year and that was to you guys!!

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  2. There were so many posts that you wrote quite a few months ago that made me hurt for you and ache because you were in pain. I rejoice at this, another positive post that brings joy to my soul and smiles to my heart! Thank you Lord for bringing you Rob my precious son through this journey that we have traveled for many months. We have more steps to take, but they are God sent steps, not steps formed by illness. I love you!!!!!

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  3. Rob, I can’t tell you how excited I got when I saw this new post! So glad to hear everyone is on the mend. Props go to Stacy & Carolyn for the cards and Mariel for the collage. 🙂 Have a great Holiday, my friend!

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  4. Christmas comes, celebrating God’s greatest gift of all. This year, I also celebrate and thank Him for the death of bad cells and the growth of new ones in you, one of His precious children. Christmas will be a very special blessing this year — and may you and your family treasure every special moment of it, knowing that many of us are celebrating with you! Blessings, Leslie Goss

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  5. You and your family remain in our prayers. Blessings for a healthy and relaxing Christmas. And most of all; Prayers that 2016 is once again your year of great happenings.

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  6. Well, I believe the following things need to be said…
    1. So glad you are feeling better!
    2. Congratulations on the weight loss!
    3. I believe I see pajama pants in that picture… They sure beat jeans falling off your butt. Just tie those suckers a bit tighter. But, I caution you in wearing them out and about. Apparently people have judgments about that! Hahaha!

    Love you. Miss you. Praying for you and Lindsey.

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  7. “Mary” Christmas to you and all of your familyu, Rob. With all of the love that is spread around, esp. with those grandmas coming in to help out, I would say that you are an example of the LOVE that is the Reason for the Season. Just as Mary kept her eyes on her baby Jesus, so also you are doing the same. So, once again, “Mary” Christmas!

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  8. Considering the hibernation you went into on 12/17, and living off your fat the last few weeks, I believe your big bad bear genes are expressing themselves. You can verify that by genetic testing. Getting rid of fat is a good thing for us guys because it reduces estrogen production, which as you know is more suited to girls. Unless, you know, you have this weird urge. But you don’t strike me as that kind of guy. By all means get that estrogen down, or you end up with guy boobs. But when you get estrogen down, that’s not all that happens. Testosterone goes up, and all your systems work better, most especially your … (no, not that) … immune system. Which sounds like it’s doing a good job. Thank you, God, for that big favor. Merry Christmas to you, nephew, to Lindsey, and to the rest of your beautiful family. Love, Uncle Claude

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  9. So proud of your perseverance and positive attitude. It was so great to spend some time with you last weekend and we are all looking forward to having Sydney, Natalie and Tucker (or SNT as we say for short) up for our first winter session of Camp UMAC in just “27 more sleeps” 😉
    Love you!

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