Time for an Update

Still on Track 2802554397_b45da1a395
I had visits with Dr. Nelson on 12/28 and 1/11.  The days in between appointments were a little dicey, but the appointments themselves went fine.  After my 12/28 appointment, I started having stomach issues.  I threw up for 3 days straight and had corresponding issues on the southern end.  I had to change my diet to really basic things like cheerios, apple sauce, potatoes, etc.  The bland diet helped and I only threw up one more time.  Dr. Nelson thinks it could have been a continuation of the virus I had or some GVH that improved because we increased my dose of both immuno-suppressants.

BMA, I’m on my Way!
As part of this process, I get a bone marrow aspiration near day 100.  My aspiration is scheduled for 2/1.  The purpose is 2 fold.  First, to make sure I don’t have any signs of Leukemia and 2nd to see how well my donor cells have grafted.  Ideally we’d see that the blood cells are 100% from the donor, although sometimes that doesn’t happen until later.  It will also be interesting to see if my blood type has flipped to A-.  That is something that happens over time and I haven’t had any blood typing recently.

Until Then
I don’t have to see Dr. Nelson again until the BMA.  I’ll go in for blood draws the next 2 weeks, but won’t actually meet with him.  He said I continue to do well and am in the top tier of recovery.  He also said don’t get to anxious to be ahead of where I’m at.  Just let my body heal as it needs to.  I’ll admit that is hard some days.  Some days I feel well enough to jump back into “normal” life.  Then I throw up for 3 days and realize maybe not quite yet…

And the Powerball Numbers are:
Nothing too exciting to report.  My labs continue to fluctuate, which is what they are supposed to be doing.

1/11/15: WBC 2.9, Hemoglobin 12.3, Platelets 116

The Tacro Tremor
I have developed an annoying side effect.  Tremors is one issue that can be experienced when taking Tacrolimus.  My tremors seem to act up at inopportune times.  Forget about texting or something that requires fine motor skills.  Heck, even forking my dinner into my mouth is a little tricky.  One day we’ll reduce the tacro and one day the tremors will subside, but until then if you get any weird messages from me, just chalk it up to the tremors.

A Duck Dynasty Prayer
God, today I am reminded that not everyone beats cancer.  Even with the backing of prayer and all the doctors and nurses you need, not everyone is cured.  I thank you for the 3+ years of life I’ve had since my original diagnosis.  I pray that you be with those recovering along side me.  I also pray that you be with the families of those who have passed on.  Especially tonight the family of Andrew Smith.  Thank you got for the will to fight.  Thank you for the hope you provide.  Thank you for the assurance of eternal life.  Thank you for another day.

12 thoughts on “Time for an Update

  1. Thanks for the update so I know exactly how to pray. I am sure you are anxious to jump back to being 100% but I will pray specifically for the patience and wisdom to know how to ride the fine line of taking care of you and living fully in the moments!

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  2. I was just wondering today how you and your family are doing. Good to hear, thanks for the update and prayers for your BMA in February that it’s all good news !

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  3. I hope your holidays were great and it makes me so happy that God is answering all of our prayers for you. I agree, not everyone has that outcome with God’s plans. A little 5 year old passed away down here by us yesterday. She fought for 3 years.
    Hugs and much love from us!


  4. Hi Robbie! So good to get an update from you. I have your Christmas card on my frig, and it makes me smile every time I look at it! Sorry to hear that you had some rough days, but happy to hear that you are doing much better now! Hang in there, friend. I’m sure it is hard to be patient, but remember Dr. Nelson’s words. You are in the top tier!! You’ve always been top tier with me. 🙂 Thinking of you and sending prayers for you and your family!

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  5. Rob, I am so sorry you are going through these distressing symptoms. Symptoms seems like too weak a word. Trials, or even tortures. Your doctors words seem reassuring, though no one can blame you for wanting to be better sooner. That’s what we want for you.
    2: Be gracious to me, O LORD, for I am languishing;
    O LORD, heal me, for my bones are troubled.
    3: My soul also is sorely troubled.
    But thou, O LORD — how long?
    4: Turn, O LORD, save my life;
    deliver me for the sake of thy steadfast love.
    5: For in death there is no remembrance of thee;
    in Sheol who can give thee praise?
    6: I am weary with my moaning;
    every night I flood my bed with tears;
    I drench my couch with my weeping.
    (Psalm 6)

    Love, Uncle Claude


  6. Rob! I am always so much more informed after reading your updates, as you “link” together answers to my “wonderings”. I am so grateful to God for your continued recovery, and I am reminded by your prayer for Andrew Smith and his family, that we are truly blessed by God’s positive journey for us. I love you so much!

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  7. Hi Rob: the best any of us can do is offer a prayer that God’s Will be done and that we are eilling to be the instrument of His plan, in His time. Patience is not a strong character in the Culross line and don’t ask for patience but rather ask for Wisdom and Perserverance.

    So admire your courage and your willines to endure.

    Continued prayers and sending hugs to you, Lindsey and the kids.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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